Portugal Mobi Summit - <p>The largest urban mobility event in Portugal will bring the world&#39;s leading protagonists to talk about topics such as decarburization, multimodal urban transport solutions, smart infrastructures...</p>
GreenFest - <p>Greenfest is the largest sustainability festival in the country and celebrates the best economic, social, and environmental practices. It is meant to be a platform where ideas and experiences can be...</p>
European Investment Bank Day -Risk Management team - Campus Presentation + Networking Cocktail - <p>The Risk Management team of the European Investment Bank is pleased to invite you to a campus presentation to share how their work makes a difference in Europe and beyond. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e0d4997f3c235f5d604cd1f0e2c35545-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Sign up here</a>. Do you also...</p>
16.ª Conferência Nacional da Economia da Saúde [16th Health Economics National Conference] - <p>The Portuguese Association of Health Economics, together with several Nova SBE Health Economics &amp; Management Knowledge Center members will, for the first time in this conference, have an entire...</p>
The financial marathon is on: an invitation to get creative - <p>Come and join a group of Cetelem experts to create new ideas and take on four different challenges in the Financial Industry: customer service; products and offerings; paradigm shift: ownership or...</p>
Smart Citizenship Academy 2019 - <p>The Municipality of Cascais and the Nova School of Business &amp; Economics&nbsp;will hold,&nbsp;for the second consecutive year, the Smart Citizenship Academy, a space for reflection, debate, and...</p>
World Bank Group - Young Professionals Program - <p>Learn about early career opportunities from highly skilled and motivated postgraduate students and alumni who will showcase the Young Professionals Program, the World Bank&rsquo;s flagship program. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e0d4997f3c235f5d604cd1f0e2c35545-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c"...</p>
BPI-Nova SBE Asset Management Conference 2019 - <p>The main objective of this conference is to present and discuss recent advances in academic research on Asset Management. Attendance is free of charge but you have to <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/16cdadf3d4f6ff5d5e521ed40bc7dfdf-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">register</a>.</p>
Amazon Devices - Workshop in Digital Marketing - <p>Two Nova SBE Alumni from the Amazon EU HQ, in Luxembourg, are joining Nova SBE for a unique session. Be one of the 40 participants that will gather digital marketing insights through a real case study...</p>
Accenture Company Day (Business Challenge + Networking Cocktail) - <p>If you want to participate in a challenging and hands-on session where you will learn how digital and new technology is impacting businesses all over the world, then join in. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/bf998f0675d6f215c26760e31eb876ab-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register here</a>.</p>
02 May '19
Discussions | Thursday AUCHAN 25 hours Innovation Marathon | Circular Economy

Join in and come up with new ways of reducing waste and promoting sustainability at the retail industry. Let's rethink the linear economy of using and discarding! For Portuguese speakers only!

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