Portugal Mobi Summit - <p>The largest urban mobility event in Portugal will bring the world&#39;s leading protagonists to talk about topics such as decarburization, multimodal urban transport solutions, smart infrastructures...</p>
16.ª Conferência Nacional da Economia da Saúde [16th Health Economics National Conference] - <p>The Portuguese Association of Health Economics, together with several Nova SBE Health Economics &amp; Management Knowledge Center members will, for the first time in this conference, have an entire...</p>
Nova SBE Career Fair - <p>In the Nova SBE Career Fair, more than 50 companies will host talks, in which they will present projects and job opportunities. There will also be speed networking sessions, networking cocktails, and...</p>
II DSPA International Conference - <p>With representatives from the academic and scientific ecosystem, as well as DS related individuals and professionals, DSPA&rsquo;s Mission is To empower Data Science for a better world. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/be690e4312883a4005f80b06e922ca5b-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Tickets are...</a></p>
Oliver Wyman Day – Make an impact your own way - Campus Presentation - <p>Learn about Oliver Wyman, an international management consulting firm, in an interesting conversation with smart, friendly people who want you to succeed. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/3fcf46e70cf6ae62ae3aaaadfa212718-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register now</a>.</p>
Société Générale France Campus Presentation - <p>Are you looking for a fast-track program for your career, with a young and stimulating environment, and highly-challenging missions in France and abroad? Then join Wannes Hubloux, Junior Inspector,...</p>
Simon-Kucher & Partners Campus Presentation + Networking Cocktail - <p>Learn how leading companies across industries think about creating value with innovative products and how they monetize them by using new pricing models, smart price differentiation, digitization, and...</p>
BeNova Scholarships - <p>The&nbsp;<strong>8th edition </strong>of the BeNova Scholarship has open applications. This program aims to help <strong>talented Portuguese bachelor&#39;s students</strong> with financial difficulties continue their studies at Nova...</p>
2019 Nova SBE Discovery Week - <p>It&rsquo;s time to discover Nova SBE&rsquo;s clear horizon and what lies ahead.</p> <p>Check every main topic, speaker, and activity on Nova SBE&nbsp;Discovery Week&#39;s <a href="https://www2.novasbe.unl.pt/Portals/0/Files/Events/Programa-BsC-Sept2019.pdf">Program</a>.</p>
46th European Finance Association Annual Meeting - <p>The EFA Annual Meeting is the biggest financial, economic, academic event in Europe. The program includes 243 presentations, 2 panel sessions, and 1 keynote speaker.&nbsp;<a data-auth="NotApplicable" href="https://lt.mydplr.com/00c957b571b63c0a98e76b73f9cde3a4-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><u>Know more and apply...</u></a></p>
02 May '19
Discussions | Thursday AUCHAN 25 hours Innovation Marathon | Circular Economy

Join in and come up with new ways of reducing waste and promoting sustainability at the retail industry. Let's rethink the linear economy of using and discarding! For Portuguese speakers only!

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