Entrepreneurship Week - <p>Entrepreneurship Week</p>
WPP Masterclass - <p>WPP Masterclass</p>
Nova SBE Open Day - <p>Nova SBE Open Day</p>
Nova SBE Open Day - <p>The Nova Healthcare Initiative will have a series of free mini-courses at Nova SBE to discuss some of the most pressing Healthcare issues. Next May 7<sup>th</sup>, make sure you don&#39;t miss Professor Céu...</p>
SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais - <p>The SingularityU Portugal Summit Cascais brings the world&rsquo;s leading speakers and experts on exponentially accelerating technologies together with Portuguese leaders of today and tomorrow, giving...</p>
Smart Citizenship Academy - <p>Cascais Smart Citizenship Academy Cascais starts in October!&nbsp;Smart Citizenship Academy Cascais is setting up a true &quot;School of Participation&quot; to be launched in autumn 2018. With...</p>
Social Impact Talk With Richard Kamissek – Head Of The Biggest Logistics Network Within The BMW Group - <p>Meet Richard, who has a key role in the inclusion of people with disabilities at BMW. Having employed more than 600 people with disabilities in the logistics network, he is an expert in engaging and...</p>
Nova SBE Social Learning Experience - Open Session - <p>Nova SBE gives you the opportunity to have a rewarding Social Learning Experience while you are paving the way for your academic journey. And next October 11<sup>th</sup> there will be an open session where they...</p>
Social Impact Talk With Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord Mbe - <p>Humanity is facing grand challenges in health and nutrition. Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord shares his views of a world where disruptive tech innovations help citizens to live an adaptive lifestyle within...</p>
Banco Invest Masterclass - Mission Impossible? The Creation of New Entrepreneurial Hubs - <p>Governments are increasingly seeking to promote entrepreneurial and innovative activity. There are certainly strong reasons for a public sector role here. However, the effectiveness of these efforts...</p>
Academy of Purpose - 3rd Takeover with João de Macedo - <p>Nova SBE alumnus, João de Macedo, Big Wave Surfer, Ambassador of SAVE THE WALES COALITION and co-founder of the World Surfing Reserves, is an entrepreneur who dedicates his life to the sea and other...</p>
Nova SBE International Day - <p>Are you dreaming about a semester abroad? Then come and meet the University you&rsquo;ve always dreamt of or, if that&rsquo;s the case, come and learn more about the university that might take you in...</p>
Climathon Cascais - <p>Next October 26<sup>th</sup>, Climathon Cascais &ndash; a global event where more than 100 cities all over the world will gather citizens, specialists, and entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions to fight...</p>
VCW Seminar: Entrepreneurship, Leadership And Impact In Africa - <p>We would like to invite you to the &ldquo;VCW Seminar: Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Impact in Africa&rdquo; where the two-year partnership between VCW and the <a href="http://mkt.novasbe.pt/c/?16877.2289.">Girl Move Foundation</a>&nbsp;will be...</p>
Hipersuper Conference – Sustainability And Circular Economy - <p>Next November 7<sup>th</sup>, Nova SBE will host an event with some of the major consumer goods representatives to talk about possible solutions and to reduce plastic use and stop food waste.</p>
Nova Cultural Week - <p>Tired of exams and never-ending group projects? What about a different week? <a href="http://mkt.novasbe.pt/c/?16877.2310.1145173.0.14.118136.9.554107.0.10.24300.0.188221.0.1.f5fda">Nova Cultural Week</a> brings you art, cinema, literature, music, food, and much more!</p>
Nova SBE organizes Social Impact Day - <p>Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) will organize, on November 13<sup>th</sup>, the Social Impact Day as part of the Social Impact Experience, that gathers and integrates all opportunities in the...</p>
Frontier Knowledge Conferences - <p>It is with great pleasure and honor that the Money Club invites you to the first round of the &quot;Frontier Knowledge Conferences&quot; that will be held here at the Santander Money Club...</p>
12 Rules for Live Tour - <p>Already have plans for next week? You cannot miss this talk with Dr. Jordan Peterson - &quot;One of the most important thinkers to emerge on the world stage for many years.&quot; - The...</p>
7th International Conference On Business Servitization 2018 - <p>Nova SBE has the honor to invite you for the 7<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;International Conference on Business Servitization (ICBS 2018), which will be held under the theme &ldquo;Make, buy or partner: Paradoxes in...</p>
Social Impact Talk With Stanley Anyetei, Impact Investor At Triodos Investments - <p>Meet international managers that drive real impact throughout their professional or personal experiences! This time we bring you Stanley Anyetei, an investment officer specialized in social impact and...</p>
Lisbon Meeting on Economics and Political Science - <p>The Lisbon Meeting on Economics and Political Science is a friendly and intellectually stimulating meeting, which aims at bringing together scholars from Economics and Political Science who share...</p>
Nova SBE-BPI Conference on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation - <p>Nova SBE Finance Center and BPI bank are pleased to invite you to attend the 2018 Nova SBE-BPI Conference on Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation. Guest speakers include Shai Bernstein (Stanford),...</p>
Better Governance: Giving Value Back to Stakeholders - <p>Next November, Nova SBE Executive Education will launch a thriving discussion on how executive and non-executive directors can create value for stakeholders through sustainable frameworks, while...</p>
Portugal Value Meeting for Health and Care 2018 - <p>Portugal Value Meeting for Health and Care is promoted by the strategic platform NOVAsaúde | Value Improvement in Health and Care, and is co-organized by Nova SBE and Nova Medical School. It aims at...</p>
"The Internet Is A Strange Place" - <p>The&nbsp;.pt domain celebrates 30 years with an open conference under the theme &quot;The Internet is a Strange place&quot; with Ana Garcia - blogger &ldquo;A pipoca mais doce&rdquo;, Maria Vaidosa,...</p>
The "Family Businesses 4.0" 20-Year Congress - <p>Portuguese Family Businesses celebrates its 20<sup>th</sup>&nbsp;anniversary this year and in order to celebrate they will hold a congress in Nova SBE&#39;s campus with Professors Pedro Santa Clara and Nadim...</p>
“Do Lixo à nossa Arte” Exhibition - <p>This initiative, organized by Take C&rsquo;Air and Movimento Claro with the help of Nova SBE and the Municipality of Cascais, intends to bring consciousness to the marine waste problem. Clo Bourgard,...</p>
EY Embassadors - <p>Choose to be one of the ambassadors of your school. Surprise one of Nova SBE partners and get the chance to be one of the EY Ambassadors for 2019, winning a trip to an European capital and a mentoring...</p>
Generation Galp - <p>During one hour, you will have the opportunity to get to know Galp Energias and which opportunities the company has to offer. The applications for their trainee program are almost open and you can...</p>
Social Cohesion Week 2018 - <p>The &quot;Semana de Coesão Social 2018&quot; [Social Cohesion Week 2018]&nbsp;invites everyone &ndash; citizens, professionals, entrepreneurs, and politicians, to think and debate social development...</p>
WIN World Conference - <p>The WIN World Conference was designed to celebrate and inspire the future. Individuality and diversity. Complementarity and collectivity. Creativity and generosity. Planet and humanity. The best way...</p>
49th St. Gallen Symposium - <p>Please join Lino Gandola, responsible for Leaders of Tomorrow from St. Gallen Symposium who will be at Nova SBE to talk about how you can compete for the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award and...</p>
Conference "The Portugal of our Grandchildren: Demographic Tendencies and economy in the 21st century” - <p>Demographic ageing is an aging phenomenon that is becoming an inexorable reality. The European committee published this year the fundamental report entitled &ldquo;The Ageing Report 2018&rdquo; about...</p>
Brown Bag Seminar with Juan Pedro Gomez - <p>With this paper, professor Juan Pedro Gomez (from IE Business School), examines whether the trend to not lock-in the investment period of investors has implications for mutual fund shareholders,...</p>
Nova SBE Future Board – Are You Already Part of the Future? - <p>You can make a difference&nbsp;and contribute to a clearer overview of the Nova SBE Future Board student&nbsp;universe. So, take a break to think about yourself and share your opinions and visions....</p>
Christmas Concert - <p>The Sociedade Recreativa Musical de Carcavelos [Recreational Musical Society of Carcavelos] is teaming up with the children&rsquo;s choir of Carcavelos to host the emblematic Christmas concert in the...</p>
HiTech Program - Applications - <p>The HiTech program is about translating cutting-edge technologies and scientific discoveries into high-growth business opportunities. The program enables students a close look into the process of how...</p>
International Seminar: "Sharpen Your Leadership With VCW" - <p>Next January 9<sup>th</sup>,&nbsp;the&nbsp;VCW Center at Nova SBE will partner&nbsp;with&nbsp;the&nbsp;DCG LAB to host a half-day seminar that aims to help you&nbsp;to understand&nbsp;how to empower your human...</p>
NOVA In The Globe Conference Cycle: Research in Europe – Applications - <p>On January 10<sup>th</sup> and 11<sup>th</sup>, the NOVA University Lisbon will organize the conference Research in Europe,&nbsp;in partnership with Lancaster University. The conference will bring together researchers from...</p>
LESE – Lisbon Economics and Statistics of Education - <p>LESE will take place on January 24<sup>th</sup> and 25<sup>th</sup> 2019, in Lisbon. This 5<sup>th</sup> <a href="https://rem.rc.iseg.ulisboa.pt/lese/5e3/">Lisbon Research Workshop on Economics, Statistics, and Econometrics of Education</a> will gather researchers, students, and...</p>
Well-being Month - <p>Well-being is fundamental to the overall health of all of us. It enables us to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what we want out of life. That&#39;s why the&nbsp;Nova SBE Student...</p>
Economia Viva 2019 - <p>Organized by Nova Nova School of Business &amp; Economics&rsquo; Students Union and by the Nova Economics Club (NEC) since 2016, this is a unique event aimed at fostering and developing critical...</p>
Social Impact Talks with Filipe Alfaiate - <p>Filipe is a social innovator, a strategic thinker, and an award-winning entrepreneur. He&rsquo;s a Senior Adviser and Lecturer with a substantial track record of creating significant value for his...</p>
EFA Doctoral Tutorial | EFA Doctoral Workshop | CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS & APPLICATIONS! - <p>Ph.D. students in Finance are invited to submit their applications for the&nbsp;<strong>EFA Doctoral events</strong>&nbsp;to be held on the new campus of Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE) in...</p>
Nova SBE Green Guide Launch - <p>GreenNova is officially launching the Nova SBE Green Guide: a manual containing practical tips and information on how our community can build a greener campus. <strong>And there is a surprise prepared for...</strong></p>
Ageas Hackathon 2019 – Applications - <p>For the second year, Ageas Portugal&nbsp;and&nbsp;Nova SBE&nbsp;are organizing a&nbsp;Hackathon. This is a 24-hour intensive mind marathon that is a catalyst program that aims to create change....</p>
Breakfast with the Dean - <p>Professor Daniel Traça is inviting <b>10 students</b> over for breakfast, on <b>February 22nd</b>. This is an opportunity for students to talk about school and give their ideas on how to improve it and get his...</p>
Primus Inter Pares Award Applications - <p>The Primus Inter Pares award has opened its applications to distinguish the best Portuguese students in the areas of Economics, Management, and Engineering. This is a venture of Banco Santander and...</p>
Nova SBE Career Fair - <p>This year&rsquo;s edition of the Nova SBE Career Fair will take place on <b>February 26th</b>, from <b>10:00 a.m. to 04:30 p.m.</b>, and will consist of companies being present at the Hovione atrium and at the...</p>
Humor, Technology and Sustainability - <p>Next February 26th,&nbsp;two books from the Find Out collection, which were edited by Central Theme of Suport to Kelly Services, will be presented and will take place at Nova SBE&#39;s campus in...</p>
"How to transform Portugal into the most competitive economy in the world" Conference - <p>FIRMA has established an annual competition in partnership with Nova SBE. The first edition will be around the topic &ldquo;How to transform Portugal in the most competitive economy in the...</p>
Data Science Talks: "AI, Society and Organizations" - <p>Nova SBE&rsquo;s Executive Education, Instituto Gulbenkian da Ciência and ISI Foundation will co-organize an event to discuss the role of data science in today&rsquo;s world. This Data Science Talk...</p>
Social Impact Talks with Jan Köpper - <p>Come and meet fascinating managers and entrepreneurs who are driving real impact throughout their personal or professional experiences! This time Nova SBE will give you the opportunity to hear from <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/jan-k%C3%B6pper-a9b8681a/"...</p>
Inclusive Talks - <p>The Inclusive Community Forum is inviting you to come and learn more about last year&#39;s impactful subject - employability of people with disabilities - its learning processes and outcomes....</p>
SAP Campus Presentation - <p>SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, is coming to our school. Learn more about the company and the opportunities for your future career. Join in by registering <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/a116bb0078cae1d23694d752d564e5cd-45373ede7b683819b8c4279be237fb3d" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Bain & Company Campus Presentation & Networking Cocktail - <p>Meet consultants and answer any questions you may have about Bain &amp; Company and the recruitment process. Sign up and know more <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/afb0b5a17dfad14066029fa03972d1ee-45373ede7b683819b8c4279be237fb3d" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
International Day - <p>Sixty nationalities and over eighty international schools are all being brought together to celebrate internationalization. Join in for the biggest international event at our school! Taste different...</p>
NOVO BANCO Hackathon Fest | Inspirational Class - <p>Join an inspirational class with members of NOVO BANCO, BBDO Portugal, and Nova SBE, where they will be sharing their real-life experiences and tools to overcome a challenge in only 24 hours. This...</p>
Spark Pitch Bootcamp@Nova SBE - <p>Do you value your proposition based on your own experiences, and practice what you have learned? Join this two days career accelerator, lectured in Portuguese. Get more information by checking the...</p>
Digital Disruption by Deloitte Digital - <p>Deloitte Digital is a new approach to traditional consultancy that combines creativity, with technology and business expertise. Helping clients to adapt, gain advantage, and grow revenue in this...</p>
Beiersdorf Day: Presentation - <p>Keen on learning more about one of the biggest FMCGs in the world? Don&#39;t miss this chance and <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/07b0025b9dd097de8274742fa87fd6f6-45373ede7b683819b8c4279be237fb3d" target="_blank">apply here</a> to get to know Beiersdorf better!</p>
Inclusive Talk | Family Council - <p>In the Council of Families, people with disabilities, their families and friends, as well as each individual, contribute to the development of the Inclusive Community Forum. Everyone&#39;s...</p>
The Future of Inovations | Presentation of InoCrowd's Platform - <p>Join this presentation and attend inspiring talks on Portuguese companies and their success and the service of innovation in organizations with renowned speakers such as Jorge Moreno Delgado, João...</p>
6th Purpose Takeover with Belarda Mondlane - <p>After the recent tragic events in Mozambique, we all want to help in any way we can. Nova SBE Academy of Purpose is promoting an Humanitarian Purpose Takeover giving voice to Belarda Mondlane, our...</p>
Young Lions | Bootcamp - <p>Take a front seat in the competition that will determine which national pairs represent Portugal in the Young Lions of the Cannes Lions creativity festival. More information <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e60580aaa36352f33adf22dc00a55660-45373ede7b683819b8c4279be237fb3d" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Make Social 2019 - <p>If you work with influencers and content creation in Agencies or Brands, or if you are an influencer yourself, this is the event for you. Come and learn with the biggest players in the market and...</p>
Palgrave MacMillan | Publishing Business and Management Research - <p>Palgrave Macmillan is an authoritative and acclaimed publisher in Business and Economics, providing the very best academic textbooks, online support and research to help guide and enrich your...</p>
1st Hovione Conference - Factfulness: for a fact based worldview - Registration - <p>Imagine that all the people in the World lived along one long street. And imagine that all houses were sorted by income. The poorest to the left and the&nbsp;richest to the right. What would it look...</p>
Inclusive Talk | Institutions Council - <p>The Council of Institutions is composed by entities, public, business and Private Institutions of Social Solidarity, that have an interest in participating in the ICF and actively contribute to the...</p>
Participatory Budget | Public Participation Session - <p>If you think that with the right tools you can make a difference then don&#39;t sleep on Nova SBE&#39;s first Participatory Budget, alongside the Municipality of Cascais. Students are invited to...</p>
NOVO BANCO Hackathon Fest | Hello Future - <p>The NOVO BANCO Hackathon Fest is a 24-hour marathon to create, develop, plan and design an innovative solution for a given challenge, in an intensive creative-problem-solving ecosystem. Don&#39;t miss...</p>
Social Impact Talk with Filippo Addarii - <p>Do you think it&#39;s possible to combine private and public interests? Come and be inspired as Filippo Addarii, a bold social entrepreneur, shows you how. Register and get more information <a href="https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/social-impact-talk-with-filippo-addarii-tickets-56810408461" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Easter School - FPF & Nova SBE - <p>The Portuguese Football Federation and Nova SBE are offering, for the first time, an Easter School focused on the challenge of identifying, selecting, and developing a team of champions whether in...</p>
Final Concert | Gerajazz Workshop 2019 - <p>Come and enjoy a concert from Orquestra Geração, that combines faculty, students, and GeraJazz.&nbsp;Check the&nbsp;<a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/a133ea61c1951b005f81208af7fce4c7c121abf113c48e68" target="_blank">Facebook page</a>&nbsp;for more information.</p>
Open Day for Bachelor Degrees | 3rd Session - <p>Nova SBE holds &quot;Open Days&quot; in which secondary school students who wish to pursue a degree in economics or management can learn about our programs, the campus, and the school&rsquo;s...</p>
Feira Ilimitada - <p>&quot;Empresa&quot; is a young entrepreneurship program that challenges high school students to create mini-company. Feira Ilimitada brings together the 25 best projects at the regional level, where...</p>
Banco de Portugal | Payment Balance & Financial Accounts - ...
AUCHAN 25 hours Innovation Marathon | Circular Economy - <p>Join in and come up with new ways of reducing waste and promoting sustainability at the retail industry. Let&#39;s rethink the linear economy of using and discarding! For Portuguese speakers only!</p>
Seminar with Ester Faia - <p>Join Ester Faia, Professor at the Goethe University Frankfurt, as she presents <em>Insolvency-Illiquidity, Externalities and Regulation</em>. Apply <a href="mailto:estabilidade.financeira@bportugal.pt">here</a>&nbsp;until April 30th.</p>
SMC Conference | Supply Chain Management - <p>&quot;Rethinking the Supply Chain&quot; and business strategies is the challenge of top managers and supply chain managers who will be in the Supply Chain meeting to analyze and discuss strategic...</p>
RTP & The Eurovision Song Contest | RTP Master Class - <p>The Core Team of the Eurovision Song Contest held in Lisbon last year, will drive you through the production process of the longest running, most loved and most challenging TV Show in the world....</p>
BIOMEET 2019 | 20 Years of P-BIO & Biotechnology - <p>The BIOMEET is an annual meeting of the P-BIO, where it brings together its members, being open to all entities involved or interested in the biotechnology sector. The program will consist in two...</p>
Breakfast with the Dean - <p>Join Professor Daniel Traça for breakfast! An opportunity to talk about the school and to share ideas on how to continue to improve it.&nbsp;Check Nova SBE&#39;s stories on our&nbsp;<a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/ebf0046d3360b51129ec981edabb464db7b8a7b0c92c37dd" target="_blank">Instagram</a>&nbsp;for...</p>
The Consumer at the Center for Energy Sector Transformation - <p>This meeting will count with a presentation of the study, lead by Everis, which identifies the main aspects of consumers and shows the vision of this sector&#39;s companies. Get more information and...</p>
CEO Banking Forum - <p>Join this event that will count with the presence of several CEO&#39;s&#39; to take a&nbsp;look at the future challenges of the economy, innovation, and financing. Don&#39;t miss it, register <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/c92fc2d789a33f960da6627a39d6f78e6b5969b2e4cf2f76" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Social Impact Talk with Peter Latchford - <p>Meet Peter Latchford, an expert in troubleshooting, Chief Executive of Black Radley, a systems and strategy consultancy, and has worked at board level in public companies and in small...</p>
Shaping Tomorrow | Redefining Cancer Immunotherapy - <p>Don&#39;t miss this conference that will count with several speakers, such as Conrad Bleul (Senior Medical Director Oncology, Roche), Chairman: Paulo Cortes (Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa) and Niklaus...</p>
Sales Shaker 2019 - <p>The B2B Sales Innovation conference is a unique event created for those responsible for the development of international B2B growth, featuring renowned national and international leaders and speakers....</p>
6th Workshop on Age-structured models in Natural Resource Economics - <p>This workshop gathers some of the best scholars in Environmental Economics to discuss, in an informal environment, their latest research papers. On May 16th, it will take place during the afternoon...</p>
38th Exchange Program Administrators Hospital | HOPE - <p>Nova SBE will host a national meeting, organized by HOPE (European Hospital and Healthcare Federation) on the topic <i>Evidence-informed decision-making in healthcare management</i>.&nbsp;Professor João...</p>
World Shopper Conference Iberian 2019 - <p>Connect with the future of Automotive and Mobility, for professionals and general public. Featuring eight keynotes, twenty workshops, a dynamic exhibition and the possibility to test-drive innovative...</p>
AICEP Conference 2019 - Exports & Investments - <p>Join this event, which aims to present and discuss the main results achieved in terms of exports and investment funding, the two main vectors of the mission of AICEP. Know more about the program <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/8c3c1bdafa27cb148f5871d74a071f7b-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">here</a>,...</p>
Sun Day 2019 | Expectations of Auction Modalities and the Implications of Financing Models - <p>Join this discussion about renewable energy, which will focus on the renewable sector in Portugal and on digitization as one of the main drivers for energy transition and decarbonization. Apply&nbsp;<a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/9fa3900885fc62df61d4290a805dd0427cdc3dc5df030d29"...</p>
Paradox & Sustainability - Leadership & Society Forum 2019 - <p>The conference will discuss the paradoxes that leaders all around the world are confronted with that have no definitive solutions. This year&rsquo;s edition will focus mainly on tensions that arise...</p>
Healthy Market Cascais - <p>Join the first edition of this event, where you can expect several activities related to sports, food, and health dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Don&#39;t miss it! Learn more <u><a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e550028803b26b4d2b9e3a2cc527127f-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">here</a></u>&nbsp;and apply by...</p>
Estoril Conferences 2019 | Empowering Humanity from Local to Global Justice - <p>Don&#39;t miss the 6th edition of the Estoril Conferences.&nbsp;Check the&nbsp;<a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/9dcdb5a891408488debd87d9b09d318aed5a0dd76833cbdf" target="_blank">program</a>&nbsp;and join this global dialogue on justice and human rights. Join the exclusive live streaming&nbsp;<a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/6c58800619e3e0186ea338661be099e24731f69857d5d90e" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Estoril Conferences 2019 | Youth Summit - <p>The Youth Summit is the opening moment of the Estoril Conferences, a place for young people to raise awareness regarding global issues. Students Francisca Anselmo and Manuel Felgueiras will be the...</p>
Impactful Career Talks with Fábio Silva - <p>Fábio Silva is a social entrepreneur, founder of the first national volunteer platform of Brazil and the 1st social incubator, named Porto Social.&nbsp;<i>Forbes&nbsp;</i>magazine also elected him as the...</p>
Estoril Conferences 2019 | Mayors' Summit - <p>The Mayors&#39; Summit is a side event of the 2019 Estoril Conferences that gathers the mayors from the most relevant cities around the world and personalities from the highest relevance to discuss...</p>
ENABLE Conference: Engaging Businesses and Society in Landscape Restoration - <p>Join the European Network for the Advancement of Business and Landscape Education&rsquo;s (ENABLE) discussion on land degradation/land restoration, highlighting the Portuguese case. Learn more about...</p>
Portugal — SADC Business Forum - <p>Join this event that will engage all relevant political and economic stakeholders and raise media attention. Check the <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfu5cfo2vqbiuwe/Forum_Portugal_SADC_Agenda_EN_7.5.pdf?dl=0">program here</a>, learn more and apply <a href="http://www.portugal-sadc.com/">here</a>.</p>
Nova SBE Open Day - <p>Nova SBE holds &quot;Open Days&quot; in which high school students who wish to pursue a degree in economics or management can learn about our programs, the campus, and the school&#39;s environment....</p>
FIRST LEGO League JR. Portugal - <p>The event is about celebrating the discovery and the solutions created under the theme MISSION MOON. There will be LEGO Bricks for the public to play and build together. Learn more <a href="http://www.firstlegoleagueportugal.org/">here</a>.</p>
Data for Change - <p>The Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center, the well-known knowledge center of Nova School of Business &amp; Economics (Nova SBE), has launched a pioneering competition in Portugal aimed at...</p>
Ph.D. Summer School - <p>Every year Nova School of Business&nbsp;&amp; Economics&rsquo; Ph.D. in Economics and Finance program hosts a Summer School in Economics for Ph.D. students. This year&rsquo;s edition is held in...</p>
Leading People - International HR Conference - <p>This event focuses on people management within the Leadership Summit Portugal project. Several national and international speakers will be there as guests, such as Leyla Nascimento, President of...</p>
2019 NOVAFRICA Conference on Economic Development in Africa - <p>Join this event that will have renowned keynote speakers, such as Paul Collier (University of Oxford), Gerard Padro-i-Miquel (Yale University), Tavneet Suri (MIT), and Leonard Wantcheko (Princeton...</p>
Open class with Nitin Paranjpe - <p>This talk will be about Unilever&rsquo;s role as a purpose-led and future-fit business in a global context of declining trust, but with exciting new challenges and plenty of opportunities for...</p>
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship - <p>The Santander Prémio Voluntário Universitário is back! This year there will be three workshops where the main focus will be on the management of social projects, innovation, and entrepreneurship....</p>
2019 EFMD Annual Conference | Trust - Partnerships - Impact - <p>Designed for all those interested in management education and development, this conference&nbsp;brings together EFMD members, companies, educational institutions and other associations, offering...</p>
Santos na Nova - <p>Before your vacations, how about joining a traditional Portuguese &quot;arraial&quot; to celebrate the end of the first year at this new campus and the end of exams? Join in by registering <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/02d7f77b4f46dd6a59aafaea0f9b0572-45373ede7b683819b8c4279be237fb3d" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Ocean Talks - <p><strong>The 2<sup>nd</sup> edition of the Ocean Talks will take place on June 7<sup>th</sup> at Museu do Mar, in Cascais.</strong>&nbsp;These talks, which gather a group of renowned speakers from the environmental and marine life areas,...</p>
Economic Applications of Quantile Regressions 2.0 - <p>The journal <em>Empirical Economics</em> is organizing a special issue on economic applications of quantile regression intended to follow up on the special issue that was published in 2001 and reprinted by...</p>
WikiData Days 2019 - <p>This event aims to bring together people interested in Open Data and Open Science projects. The focus will be on exchanging ideas and good practices. &nbsp;Is a free event, but you need to <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e8d7a87decb1e15a729e4608f80e9554-45373ede7b683819b8c4279be237fb3d" target="_blank">register</a>.</p>
Innovathon - Ocean Edition | Call for Applications - <p>Innovathon is a technology marathon around the challenges associated with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nations. Your mission is to build new...</p>
2019 Lisbon Accounting Conference - <p>The Lisbon Accounting Conference brings together leading accounting researchers in an informal setting for a one-day conference of high-quality academic papers in financial accounting. Learn...</p>
The Globotics Upheaval | Richard Baldwin - ...
Data Science for Social Good Portugal: Presentation Event (Lisbon) - <p>In this meeting, Data Science for Social Good Portugal will present themselves to the community and talk about their current and future projects. They will be recruiting volunteers! Know more <a href="http://trk.relaytrk.com/Click/Track?p=eyJkZWxpdmVyeUd1aWQiOiIyMDE5MDYxMi0xNTQ0LTBkNWEtODZhOS03OTk0NGFjN2Y1M2IiLCJsaW5rVXJsIjoiaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubWVldHVwLmNvbS9EYXRhLVNjaWVuY2UtRm9yLVNvY2lhbC1Hb29kLVBvcnR1Z2FsL2V2ZW50cy8yNjE4MTY3MDkvP194dGQ9Z3FGeXFUSTNPRFU1TWpnNE42RndvM2RsWWcmZnJvbT1yZWYiLCJhSWQiOjczfQ%3D%3D" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Partner Week - <p>NOVA University Lisbon will host a Partner Week, where partner schools get to know the different schools and the work developed by them. Nova SBE will welcome this event, by presenting the brand new...</p>
Families Council - <p>Join the Inclusive Community Forum (ICF) in the next Families Council meeting. The Families Council is made up of all individuals, families, and friends of people with disabilities that have an...</p>
FIRMA & Future Award | CALL FOR APLICATIONS - <p>This prize is an initiative to promote excellence in several areas, focusing on different national challenges and regions of Portugal, fostering territory cohesion and social peace while valuing human...</p>
"Agregação" Sessions - <p>Next June 29<sup>th</sup>, at 10:00 a.m., you can watch Professor Emanuel Gomes&#39; &quot;Agregação&quot; sessions.</p>
Adegga Festival 2019 - <p>Come and taste a selection of the best wines from Portuguese producer. Bring friends and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere!&nbsp;Know more and apply&nbsp;<a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/feb22716f65cc747f0f3a11b0479128c88e8b3953fdd7d5e" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Social Leapfrog Program - <p>Be a pioneer and do your master&#39;s thesis within the <strong>Social Leapfrog Program</strong>, impacting one of the selected social organizations.</p> <p>To know more details, visit&nbsp;Moodle page &ndash; 2863_MAM-FL...</p>
"Agregação" Sessions - <p>Next July 1<sup>st</sup>, at 02:00 p.m., you can watch Professor Emanuel Gomes&#39; &quot;Agregação&quot; sessions.</p>
HiTech 2019 Closing Session - <p>HiTech is a Training Program that provides skills to researchers and management students in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. In this session, the projects that participate in HiTech...</p>
Families Council - <p>Join the Inclusive Community Forum (ICF) in the next Families Council meeting. The Families Council is made up of all individuals, families, and friends of people with disabilities that have an...</p>
EurAfrican Forum 2019 | Partnership of Equals: shaping Values, sharing Prosperity - <p>This event will focus on common challenges, changing relationships, aiming to create fresh opportunities, showcasing examples of progress and inspiring transformation for a shared prosperous and...</p>
8.º Congresso Nacional dos Economistas - Portugal 2030: Tecnologia, Demografia, Economia e Globalização - <p>In its 8th edition, the conference will be based on Portugal 2030 and will be oriented around four significant economic challenges for our future: Technology, Demography, Economics, and Globalization....</p>
Seminar on Policy Analysis in Health: Methods and Applications - <p>The event starts with a crash course on marginal effects by&nbsp;<a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/3f11586c6935256a6fdd77878d9a1cda71544188f7b0cd7e" target="_blank">Marcelo Coca Perraillon</a>&nbsp;from the University of Colorado. There will also be three paper presentations followed by discussion and...</p>
StartUp Research 2019/2020 - <p>The second edition of StartUp Research, the Post-Graduation developed in partnership between Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier (ITQB NOVA) and Nova School of Business &amp;...</p>
II Summer School - Football is much more than 90 minutes - <p>Between July 22nd and August 2nd, the <a href="http://campanhas.exed.novasbe.pt/football-is-much-more-than-90-minutes-fpf-nova-sbe">Summer School - Football is much more than 90 minutes</a> will take place. This is an innovative initiative of the FPF and Nova SBE, for those who want to start...</p>
46th European Finance Association Annual Meeting - <p>The EFA Annual Meeting is the biggest financial, economic, academic event in Europe. The program includes 243 presentations, 2 panel sessions, and 1 keynote speaker.&nbsp;<a data-auth="NotApplicable" href="https://lt.mydplr.com/00c957b571b63c0a98e76b73f9cde3a4-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"><u>Know more and apply...</u></a></p>
2019 Nova SBE Discovery Week - <p>It&rsquo;s time to discover Nova SBE&rsquo;s clear horizon and what lies ahead.</p> <p>Check every main topic, speaker, and activity on Nova SBE&nbsp;Discovery Week&#39;s <a href="https://www2.novasbe.unl.pt/Portals/0/Files/Events/Programa-BsC-Sept2019.pdf">Program</a>.</p>
BeNova Scholarships - <p>The&nbsp;<strong>8th edition </strong>of the BeNova Scholarship has open applications. This program aims to help <strong>talented Portuguese bachelor&#39;s students</strong> with financial difficulties continue their studies at Nova...</p>
Société Générale France Campus Presentation - <p>Are you looking for a fast-track program for your career, with a young and stimulating environment, and highly-challenging missions in France and abroad? Then join Wannes Hubloux, Junior Inspector,...</p>
Simon-Kucher & Partners Campus Presentation + Networking Cocktail - <p>Learn how leading companies across industries think about creating value with innovative products and how they monetize them by using new pricing models, smart price differentiation, digitization, and...</p>
Oliver Wyman Day – Make an impact your own way - Campus Presentation - <p>Learn about Oliver Wyman, an international management consulting firm, in an interesting conversation with smart, friendly people who want you to succeed. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/3fcf46e70cf6ae62ae3aaaadfa212718-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register now</a>.</p>
II DSPA International Conference - <p>With representatives from the academic and scientific ecosystem, as well as DS related individuals and professionals, DSPA&rsquo;s Mission is To empower Data Science for a better world. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/be690e4312883a4005f80b06e922ca5b-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Tickets are...</a></p>
European Commission Campus Presentation - Careers in the European Commission - <p>Learn about the European Commission, its role and organization, and specifically the DG Competition. João Azevedo will share his experience, day-to-day work, and overall projects, challenges, and the...</p>
BCG Dubai Campus Presentation - Do you want to help change the world? - <p>Find out what BCG Dubai really does every day, and discover if the mix of challenge, excitement, sunshine, and personal growth inspires you too. To join the presentation register <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/93f15a2009c5e39bf2ba372d471bc70d-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">here</a> and apply <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/933cd53cb445b4e1eed62725ebdd6a55-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">here</a>....</p>
EY Germany Workshop: Financial Services Advisory + Dinner - <p>Are you interested in consulting? Learn from EY Germany&#39;s consultants what exciting challenges await you in this area. You&#39;ll also get valuable first-hand tips and insights, as well as...</p>
Purpose Takeover - <p>This Purpose Takeover will give voice to Catarina, 24, and Tomás, 32, who founded the <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/25baa7d6bf1a90e1f20f73193ebe0869-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Kolkata Monsoon Relief</a> project for supplying relief kits to the homeless families of Kolkata during the period of...</p>
Nova SBE Career Fair - <p>In the Nova SBE Career Fair, more than 50 companies will host talks, in which they will present projects and job opportunities. There will also be speed networking sessions, networking cocktails, and...</p>
Leadership Summit Portugal - <p>The Leadership Summit Portugal aspires to be a world-class event, where different generations gather to produce knowledge about leadership. The goal is to create moments for producing knowledge...</p>
HSBC UK - Employability Skills Session - <p>This presents a great opportunity to hear from two of HSBC&#39;s Senior Graduate Recruiters in preparation for the HSBC Application and Assessment Process. It will be an interactive session and it was...</p>
Join HSBC UK for Investment Banking Coffee Chats - <p>This is a great opportunity to learn more about HSBC&rsquo;s Investment Banking business, insight into the bankers&rsquo; personal experiences, build relationships, and have your questions answered....</p>
Jump Pre-Acceleration Program - Applications - <p>The Pre-Acceleration Program, which was designed for students and alumni, helps you<b>&nbsp;transform your idea into a prototype</b>. JUMP provides you with guidance from experienced mentors. They help you...</p>
Breakfast with the Dean - <p>Join Professor Daniel Traça for breakfast! On October 4, you can take this&nbsp;opportunity to talk about how our school can impact the Portuguese society with the Dean.&nbsp;Check Nova SBE&#39;s...</p>
Data Science Talks III - How to twist AI algorithms to favor public good over private ones - <p>Hugues Bersini will join us for the third Data Science Talk, on how to twist AI algorithms to favor public good over private ones. Be part of this innovative talk. <a href="https://www.eventbrite.pt/e/bilhetes-how-to-twist-ai-algorithms-to-favor-public-good-over-private-ones-73945475909">Apply here</a>.</p>
Festival Brands Like Bands - O Único Festival de Bandas de Empresas do Mundo - <p>Created in 2013, the Brands Like Bands Festival aims to bring renowned companies together in an innovative, captivating, and creative way for a social cause. The warm-up festival will take place at...</p>
Amazon Devices - Workshop in Digital Marketing - <p>Two Nova SBE Alumni from the Amazon EU HQ, in Luxembourg, are joining Nova SBE for a unique session. Be one of the 40 participants that will gather digital marketing insights through a real case study...</p>
Accenture Company Day (Business Challenge + Networking Cocktail) - <p>If you want to participate in a challenging and hands-on session where you will learn how digital and new technology is impacting businesses all over the world, then join in. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/bf998f0675d6f215c26760e31eb876ab-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register here</a>.</p>
BPI-Nova SBE Asset Management Conference 2019 - <p>The main objective of this conference is to present and discuss recent advances in academic research on Asset Management. Attendance is free of charge but you have to <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/16cdadf3d4f6ff5d5e521ed40bc7dfdf-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">register</a>.</p>
World Bank Group - Young Professionals Program - <p>Learn about early career opportunities from highly skilled and motivated postgraduate students and alumni who will showcase the Young Professionals Program, the World Bank&rsquo;s flagship program. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e0d4997f3c235f5d604cd1f0e2c35545-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c"...</p>
Smart Citizenship Academy 2019 - <p>The Municipality of Cascais and the Nova School of Business &amp; Economics&nbsp;will hold,&nbsp;for the second consecutive year, the Smart Citizenship Academy, a space for reflection, debate, and...</p>
The financial marathon is on: an invitation to get creative - <p>Come and join a group of Cetelem experts to create new ideas and take on four different challenges in the Financial Industry: customer service; products and offerings; paradigm shift: ownership or...</p>
16.ª Conferência Nacional da Economia da Saúde [16th Health Economics National Conference] - <p>The Portuguese Association of Health Economics, together with several Nova SBE Health Economics &amp; Management Knowledge Center members will, for the first time in this conference, have an entire...</p>
European Investment Bank Day -Risk Management team - Campus Presentation + Networking Cocktail - <p>The Risk Management team of the European Investment Bank is pleased to invite you to a campus presentation to share how their work makes a difference in Europe and beyond. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e0d4997f3c235f5d604cd1f0e2c35545-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Sign up here</a>. Do you also...</p>
GreenFest - <p>Greenfest is the largest sustainability festival in the country and celebrates the best economic, social, and environmental practices. It is meant to be a platform where ideas and experiences can be...</p>
Portugal Mobi Summit - <p>The largest urban mobility event in Portugal will bring the world&#39;s leading protagonists to talk about topics such as decarburization, multimodal urban transport solutions, smart infrastructures...</p>
BlackRock Company Day - Campus Presentation - <p>Join the BlackRock Company at this event to learn more about BlackRock, Aladdin, and how you can join them to help solve the world&rsquo;s most complex financial challenges. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/017db20d1650d71dbb2decfb715720ed-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register your presence...</a></p>
Lusosider Business Challenge - <p>This case describes a factory that contains several production lines with processors of different capacities, utilization rates, working hours and producing different materials, allowing you to study...</p>
BlackRock Company Day - Session “How to apply” + Networking Cocktail - <p>What does BlackRock do? One of the answers is that it manages more assets than any other firm in the world: 6.8 trillion dollars. Know how to apply and network with the BlackRock team in this event. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/489bb58fb959a688119299ab3041abd0-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c"...</p>
Ungap Year - <p>Ungap Year is looking for curious, ambitious, and global-minded talents who are hungry for a challenge. Sounds like you? <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/1a50562ba29878c33a6a4f59ace21215-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Then apply now for a special scholarship that will kick-start your career</a>.</p>
Impactful talks | Entrepreneurship at Nova SBE - <p>What&rsquo;s at stake when you decide to follow a nonlinear professional career? Duarte Leite Castro and João Loureiro Rodrigues are Nova SBE Alumni who are now working at Nova SBE and invited Ricardo...</p>
Intro Session: Campus Tech Festival & Pulse - <p>The Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab will kick-off the Campus Tech Festival by introducing PULSE, a contest idea for the use of technology on campus. They are looking for curious and critical minds...</p>
Bitwala Blockchain Bank - Campus Presentation - <p>Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that is set to disrupt traditional finance. At Bitwala, the mission is to connect the old world with the new. In December 2018, the company launched the...</p>
KPMG Luxembourg Campus Presentation - <p>Attend the campus presentation of KPMG Luxembourg and learn more about its organization, recruitment process, and the benefits of joining the company. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/716f72dd676d6148289d930e868bd381-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register here</a>.</p>
RBI Interviews on Campus - <p>RBI will hold interviews on campus on November 7 and 8. Students will be contacted directly by RBI for bookings. Is this your chance? <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/5d71803b02d41d8c98ccbe0643811695-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register here</a></p>
JFI-Nova SBE Conference on Financial Intermediation and Corporate Finance - <p>The main objective of the conference is to present and discuss recent advances in academic research on financial intermediation and corporate finance. Interested? <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/49731540afea45db61eea54371eb140f-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register now, and learn more here</a>.</p>
Futures Festival Live Viewing - <p>As part of the Campus Tech Festival, the Nova SBE Experience Lab will host a Live Viewing of the Futures Festival. The Futures Festival is a virtual annual event and this year&#39;s edition brings...</p>
Bachelor’s Graduation Ceremony 2019 - ...
Nordea Luxembourg Day - Campus Presentation - <p>Do you want to understand Nordea Luxembourg&#39;s organization, its mission and values, and the many job opportunities that they have to offer? Then attend this campus presentation and find out about...</p>
RBB Economics Campus Presentation - <p>Careers in Economic Consulting and how to work as an economist in the private sector will be two of the main topics discussed on RBB Economics&#39; campus presentation. The company will present career...</p>
Breakfast with the Dean - <p>Join Professor Daniel Traça for a second breakfast. To snatch one of the coveted spots you must submit your best question for the Dean via Nova SBE&rsquo;s stories on <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/db15f7968b248fbfa706db2b2ca7b1b1-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Instagram</a> or via <a href="mailto:nova_sbe@novasbe.pt" target="_blank">email</a>. With...</p>
GS1 Business Challenge - <p>The challenge that GS1 would like to propose to students is for them to develop a study that will measure direct impacts such as cost reduction and indirect impacts such as greater traceability that...</p>
Nova SBE Impact Day - <p>Nova SBE will gather its entire community to celebrate and discuss social and environmental impact. There will be stands with several impact-driven organizations with job and volunteer opportunities....</p>
Speed networking @ Nova SBE Impact Day - <p>You will have the chance to speak directly to different professionals working in the social and environmental impact fields with this unique speed networking session. They will be representing...</p>
Social Leapfrog Program - <p>Be a pioneer and seize this opportunity of doing your Master&rsquo;s thesis with the Social Leapfrog Program, addressing real management challenges, and helping to provide solutions that can be...</p>
JB Capital Markets Campus Presentation - <p>JB Capital Markets relies on an experienced team and privileged access to a wide base of institutional investors on a global scale, which offers investment opportunities based on deep knowledge and...</p>
Working at McKinsey - Campus Presentation - <p>From the C-suite to the front line, McKinsey partners with their clients to transform organizations in ways that matter most to them. If you want to know more about McKinsey and their opportunities,...</p>
Fidelidade Campus Presentation - <p>With this presentation you will have an overview of Fidelidade, the markets, the products and services, financial indicators, internal audit function and audit direction. You will learn more about the...</p>
Meet the Founder - Special Edition | Powered by BYC & MYC - <p>The goal of this event is to promote and develop the entrepreneurial environment at Nova SBE inviting people to participate in an interactive talk with 2 founders of successful Start-Ups, to better...</p>
Education Seminar - Betting on Innovation | Building Futures - <p>This seminar aims to gather and catalyze the wills of the municipality&#39;s educational institutions and agents for educational transformation, creating a credible, sustainable and lasting movement...</p>
Wildfire Case Challenge presented by NSC - <p>Devastating wildfires are a major problem in Portugal. Social Enterprise Plantaforma is tackling the issue of unmanaged areas as one of the root causes of those fires. Nova Social Consulting, in...</p>
Accenture Strategy ASGR Nerd Labs & Cocktail - <p>You will not only get the chance to get to know Accenture&#39;s strategy consultants and their business but also understand how they work at the intersection of business and technology by executing...</p>
EU Careers: Shaping Europe with you - Campus Presentation - <p>Have you ever thought about the opportunities the EU has to offer? From paid volunteering to full-time positions, with internships in several institutions, join this conversation and discover how you...</p>
International Lunch - <p>All students are invited to join Nova SU and Nova Food Club on this outstanding International Event, where food will be served by students and dynamics will be in place so that you get to know more...</p>
L'Oréal Brandstorm 2020 + Campus Presentation - <p>Participate in the ultimate international innovation competition and tackle a radical innovation challenge with L&rsquo;Oréal Consumer Products. This is a unique opportunity to apply your skills and...</p>
From Trainee to CEO Chief Of Staff at Pingo Doce – Meet Filipa Pimentel - <p>Come and meet Filipa Pimentel, a Nova SBE alumna, who will be sharing what does it take to excel at Jerónimo Martins&rsquo; Group. In an intimate talk where all questions are allowed, Filipa will go...</p>
Novo Nordisk Campus Presentation - <p>Meet Novo Nordisk and learn more about the life-changing career opportunities a Novo Nordisk graduate program can offer. Get to know everything about this two-year learning journey that will take you...</p>
NOW - Marketing in Times of Distraction - <p>APPM - Associação Portuguesa dos Profissionais do Marketing [Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals] will organize the 2019 National Congress to reflect on how the progress of technology...</p>
Professor Sir Cary Cooper | Mental Capital and Wellbeing at Work - <p>Professor Sir Cary Cooper will explore the costs and benefits of an organizational wellbeing strategy, the sources of stress and lack of wellbeing at work, and the strategy for dealing with them. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/c206abca9cb2df31bdd92459ef332aa6-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c"...</p>
Master's Program Presentation - <p>If you are a Bachelor&#39;s exchange student come and learn more about the Nova SBE Master&rsquo;s Programs next Thursday. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/76c2112eb6786ef9732f0fd60f1b8055-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register here</a>.</p>
McKinsey Germany Campus Presentation + Networking Cocktail - <p>Get an overview of the wide range of consulting tasks and the current career prospects that McKinsey &amp; Company has available. Get authentic insights into the company&#39;s working methods and the...</p>
PULSE - <p>The Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab is organizing the PULSE project with the help of Schreder-Hyperion, Sonae, Outsystems, and Bright Pixel. PULSE is a year-long project that aims to encourage...</p>
EY Campus Presentation - <p>EY is not afraid to ask questions; for them, asking questions is not a right; it is a duty. So next Monday, come and meet the company, talk to Nova SBE Alumni, and meet the career opportunities EY...</p>
RTP Masterclass: The Future of Media and Entertainment - <p>RTP, the renowned Portuguese TV channel, will drive you through the production process of the most challenging TV show in the world: the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. Interested? Then <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/8bf0c7b651b2bbd6ba2170d11ce0ad52-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">register here</a>.</p>
Entrepreneurship Hub Meetup #2 - <p>Connect with other students who share your passion for Innovation &amp; Entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship Hub Meetup is a place for you to meet like-minded students and exchange ideas. Beers and...</p>
Unconditional Basic Income: What are the benefits of implementing a UBI, and what can UBI experiments tell us? - <p>Don&#39;t miss this discussion promoted by UBIEXP &ndash; CEPS Minho and Nova SBE Economics for Policy Knowledge Center. <a href="https://lnkd.in/gNYgGRp">Register now</a>.</p>
Campus 2030 Challenge - <p>Work on a project for the <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/9bd1e72c7b3b207c13fd04fc3a11c4aa-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Campus 2030 Challenge</a> and help build the university environment of the future. Choose a category (students living standards; a campus in the city; new educational issues; or...</p>
Call for Submissions: Illustration - <p><strong>Are you an&nbsp;<em>illustrator</em>&nbsp;and you would like your artwork to be the official image of the next big Marketing event at Nova SBE?</strong></p> <p>The deadlines for the submissions are from 1 Dec to 16 Dec 2019....</p>
Nova SBE Alumni Party' 19 - <p>The Nova SBE Alumni Party is becoming a cherished tradition that we look forward to all year. To see what our community is up to, (re)establish bonds, and create the fondest memories, each year, we...</p>
"Agregação" Sessions - <p>Next January 2nd, at 02:00 p.m., you can watch Professor Ana Balcão Reis&#39; &quot;Agregação&quot; sessions.</p>
"Agregação" Sessions - <p>Next January 3rd, at 02:00 p.m., you can watch Professor Ana Balcão Reis&#39; &quot;Agregação&quot; sessions.</p>
A Economia de Espanha no Pós-Eleições: Riscos e Oportunidades - <p>Llorente y Cuenca will organize a debate about Spain&#39;s Economy where the former Minister of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness of Spain - Román Escolano - will be the keynote speaker. As part...</p>
SUMOL+COMPAL GrowHACK | Challenge Our Leaders - <p>The GrowHACK is a 16-hour marathon to create, develop, plan, and design an innovative solution for a given challenge, in an intensive creative-problem-solving ecosystem. Make a difference in one of...</p>
Jump! Pre-Acceleration Program - <p>Do you have an idea, a solution for a business problem, or a project that you want to transform into a startup but don&#39;t know how? JUMP is Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub&#39;s pre-acceleration...</p>
Pulse - The Heartbeat of Your Ideas - <p>Can you imagine the campus of tomorrow? PULSE is a technology challenge organized by the Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab that will give your idea a body of its own and make it pulse. Join the Nova SBE...</p>
2019/2020 Spring Intake - <p>Remember when you first set foot at a new school where you knew no one? There was an excitement... butterflies in your stomach, electricity in the air! That&#39;s how probably the new students will be...</p>
Build Brighter Futures - <p>Build Brighter Futures is an event dedicated to education and technology that brings together who decides, who teaches, who leads, who researches, and who supports this ecosystem to enable the digital...</p>
"Agregação" Sessions - <p>Next January 30th, at 04:00 p.m., you can watch Professor José Álvaro Ferreira da Silva&#39; &quot;Agregação&quot; sessions.</p>
"Agregação" Sessions - <p>Next January 31st, at 04:00 p.m., you can watch Professor José Álvaro Ferreira da Silva&#39; &quot;Agregação&quot; sessions.</p>
Meet the founder with Musa - <p>If you want to become an entrepreneur or if you want to work in a fast-paced company, or even if you are just curious about entrepreneurship, come to the next Meet the Founder with Bruno Carrilho....</p>
Economia Viva 2020 - <p>Every year, students from both Nova Economics Club and the Nova SBE Students&#39; Union put together the biggest Portuguese Conference Cycle on Economics with the most renowned guest speakers to...</p>
Refinitiv Challenge for Nova SBE Students - <p>Refinitiv is launching a new challenge for Nova SBE students. Win the new iPhone by presenting the best stock recommendation using Refinitiv Data. Further details on the competition and a Panel on ESG...</p>
Reinventing the future: Labour Relations for the next 50 years - <p>Have you imagined how your work is going to be your work in 50 years? Companies, workers, governments, and academia will share their perspectives, challenges, solutions, and fears about the future of...</p>
Teach for Portugal - <p>Teach for Portugal will be at Nova SBE to present their program, to which you can apply. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/2c342c2f540bda4ce8147dfcf1ad2dfa-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Teach For Portugal</a> is an NGO that was founded to promote a successful education for all children so that their...</p>
Marketing Wave 2020 - <p>If you are a marketing professional, a student, or simply a person who is passionate about this important area, then don&rsquo;t miss Marketing Wave 2020 &ndash; a unique event where all stakeholders...</p>
Pitch Bootcamp - <p>Spark Agency&#39;s Pitch Bootcamp is back. If you intend to start working soon or if you are looking for a company to do a curricular or summer internship then this is for you. Companies like...</p>
EDP's CEO António Mexia shares his vision on Corporate Strategy - <p>António Mexia, CEO of EDP, one of the largest companies in Portugal in the energy sector, is coming to Nova SBE to be a speaker on the Corporate Strategy and Transformation class about his...</p>
Nova SBE Master's Talks - <p>Discover more about our Nova SBE Master&rsquo;s Programs on February 17, at 5.00 pm, in the Jerónimo Martins Grand Auditorium at Nova SBE. <a href="https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nova-sbe-masters-talks-tickets-90140654123">See what we have in store for you and register now</a>.</p>
Nova SBE Career Fair - <p>This edition of the Nova SBE Career Fair will feature, for the first time, a startup corner in partnership with the <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/92aaa5d2ef04cbc80536c63b52e95bf3-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub</a>. There will also be <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/94034a435869ae5e2bbcfa69eb699ad9-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">talks</a> hosted by companies, as well...</p>
JUMP – Go-to-Market Strategy - <p>To have a solution, an idea or a project is a start, but how can we make it actionable in order to reach our targeted customers? In which stage should we think about a go-to-market strategy? <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/7915db8d5255b819299e47ee0481612a-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register...</a></p>
Participatory Budget - Call for ideas! - <p>Don&#39;t miss the chance to make your dream of a better campus life come true! If you think that with the right tools, you can make a difference, then don&#39;t sleep on Nova SBE&#39;s Participatory...</p>
Altice's CEO Alexandre Fonseca shares his vision on Corporate Strategy - <p>Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of Altice, a multinational company that acquired PT, is coming to Nova SBE to be a speaker on the Corporate Strategy and Transformation class about corporate strategy and the...</p>
JUMP – Business Model - <p>Do you know what is the best business model for your idea? With this session, you&#39;ll learn how to choose your business model in order to make your idea thrive. Don&#39;t miss this chance. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/7915db8d5255b819299e47ee0481612a-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register...</a></p>
Purpose Takeover with Carolina Duarte - <p>Next Thursday, have a break and get to know the fascinating Olympic sprinter Carolina Duarte. C<s>a</s>rolina has overwhelming strength. She has 10 % vision but is a 100 % champion.&nbsp;If you think you...</p>
Economics Master’s Talks - <p>Come and join the Economics&rsquo; Faculty and Students for some pizza &amp; drinks, and to learn more about our Master&rsquo;s in Economics. This will be a &lsquo;yummy&rsquo; opportunity for you to...</p>
KPMG Luxembourg Webinar | Powered by MYC & BYC - <p>Get an inside look at KPMG Luxembourg and learn more about its organization, the recruitment process, and the benefits of joining the company with recruiters Martin Hubert and Redouan Takkal. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/9090ac6a7f396aed98b93dc90513ebe2-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register...</a></p>
Unibail Rodamco Westfield Campus Presentation | Powered by MYC & BYC - <p>Are you eager to start an international and diverse career? Are you looking for exposure to the worlds of real estate, asset management, finance, and retail? Are you committed, curious, energetic, and...</p>
Well-being Week - <p>Finally, the Well-being Week at Nova SBE is here! Next week, join in the many activities that will cater to your social, physical, and mental well-being.&nbsp;<a href="https://www2.novasbe.unl.pt/Portals/0/Files/Events/WellbeingWeek.pdf" target="_blank"><u>Check the program</u></a>&nbsp;and don&rsquo;t...</p>
Robert Walters | Recruitment Trends in 2020 | Powered by MYC & BYC - <p>This event aims to present salary and recruitment trends for 2020 in Portugal in the area of Accounting &amp; Finance and Sales &amp; Marketing, whilst also summarizing top global hiring trends to...</p>
Doctoral Defense - <p>Filipa Correia de Sousa Rocha Rodrigues Marques will defend her doctoral thesis Aging at work. The interplay of resources and self-regulation strategies across the work lifespan, which had Professor...</p>
Webinar: Master's Talks on Economics and CEMS - <p><a href="http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/102276020330">Register now</a> and join our first live webinar with the Master&#39;s in Economics Academic Director and some fellow students. Learn more about our Master&#39;s in Economics and the CEMS Master&#39;s in...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “The Importance of Creativity in the Innovation Process” - <p><strong>Keynote Speaker: </strong>Chris Corbin</p> <p>Learn to lead on the edge, so that you release the creative genius in your colleagues.</p> <p>Join our webinar series where a team of experts will address the challenges and...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Pandemonics II” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers:&nbsp;</strong>Pedro Brinca &amp; João Duarte</p> <div><span style="color: rgb(74, 74, 74); font-size: 14px;">We will look into the microeconomic impacts and company responses for the Covid-19 pandemic and what are the main recommendations.</span></div> <p>Join our...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Why Organizational Safety Matters in Times of Crises” - <p><strong>Keynote Speaker: </strong>Filipa Breia da Fonseca</p> <p>High performing teams in healthcare services were admitting and discussing their errors and failures &ndash; because they felt safe to talk about them, and...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Being Exponential in Disruptive Times” - <p><strong>Keynote Speaker: </strong>Manuel Tânger</p> <p>Explore the basics of exponential technologies, while reflecting about the responsibility and opportunity of being exponential and the impact that option has on...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Leadership at a Distance: how you can use neuroscience to help your distributed team to thrive” - <p><strong>Keynote Speaker: </strong>Misha Byrne</p> <p>If you&rsquo;re leading a team for the next few months, the goal is clear: you need to support your team to become a self-regulating, self-managing and self-sustaining...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Building Leadership Skills for an Uncertain Tomorrow” - <p><strong>Keynote Speaker:</strong> Roger Delves</p> <p>Join our webinar series where a team of experts will address the challenges and opportunities that arise in our personal and professional lives to help us to stop and...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Operational Crisis Resource Management in Healthcare” - <p><strong>Keynote Speaker: </strong>Filipe Pereira da Costa</p> <p>A novelty to a traditional way of operational management in healthcare that creates challenges to the teams and all stakeholders who integrate a patient care...</p>
Nova SBE Master's Talks on Finance Webinar - <p>What lies beyond the horizon? Join our Master&#39;s Talks Webinar and find out. If you are a&nbsp;<b>Portuguese Bachelor&#39;s student</b>&nbsp;and you are thinking about applying for our Master&#39;s in...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Navigating VUCA with Experimentation” - <p><strong>Keynote Speaker: </strong>Greg Sherwin</p> <p>This session will help organizations rethink how they plan, prioritize, and execute for a complex and uncertain future, using experimentation as a business...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Mindfulness: a peaceful (r)evolution” - <p><strong>Keynote Speaker:&nbsp;</strong>Constança Casquinho</p> <p>Confinement and its sources of stress create a rare opportunity to take a deep dive into our own minds, towards freedom.</p> <p>Join our webinar series where a...</p>
Nova SBE Bachelor's Open Day Webinar - <p>You can now apply to the Nova School of Business &amp; Economics&rsquo; Open Day Webinar. It will take place on <strong>May 4</strong> at 01:00 pm. During this session, you will be able to learn more about our...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “The Awakening of Social Innovation?” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Pedro Oliveira invites Luís Jerónimo</strong></p> <p>Which role has social innovation played in this pandemics? What about technology? Is this new entrepreneur movement here to stay?</p> <p>Join our...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Health Tourism: Potential or Peril for Portugal” - <p>The potential export markets for health, dental and medical services, generally referred to as health or medical tourism, have received growing attention in the academic, business and popular press....</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “The Power of Communication in Times of Crisis” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Laurinda Alves</strong></p> <p>To listen, talk and be both clear and effective are key in the Communication era we are living in. However, discommunication is particularly challenging in times of...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “The Importance of Risk Management in Value Chains” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Pedro Silva Caldeira</strong></p> <p>Procurement and supply chain is more challenging than ever in a context of complex and multi-layered networks, where fierce competition and profitability...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Executing in Uncertain Times” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: João Silveira Lobo</strong></p> <p>This webinar will focus on the 4 principles of excelling in execution: focus, integration, alignment and behavior.</p> <p>Join our webinar series where a team of...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Leading from the Next Stage of Human Consciousness” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: José Vicente Cordeiro</strong></p> <p>We will explore the link between levels of consciousness and leadership and how to become an integral leader during the post-modern age (VUCA era) and...</p>
E agora? (What now?): “Tourism – the reinvention of a sector" - <p>Nova SBE is organizing a cycle of conferences <strong>&ldquo;E agora? (What now?)&rdquo;</strong>, during May and June as part of its <u><a href="http://roletoplay.novasbe.pt/" title="http://roletoplay.novasbe.pt/">&ldquo;We all have a role to play&rdquo; initiative</a></u>. The conferences will encourage...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Managing Corporate Reputation in a Time of Pandemic” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Salvador da Cunha invites Fernando Prado Abuín (Reputation Institute) &amp; Cláudia Domingues (IKEA)</strong></p> <p>How to maintain or even improve corporate reputation in times of a pandemic? A...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Intro to Exponentials: The Exponential Mindset” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Manuel Tânger</strong></p> <p>This session will help you think about the basics of exponential technologies. We will explore sectors that grew exponentially and reflect on impact and the required...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “e-Commerce and Omnichannel Today” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers:</strong> <strong>Jorge Velosa </strong></p> <p>Join our webinar series where a team of experts will address the challenges and opportunities that arise in our personal and professional lives to help us to stop and...</p>
Webinar: Master's Talks on Business Analytics - <p><a href="https://www.eventbrite.com/e/masters-talks-on-business-analytics-webinar-tickets-83006543807?utm_source=eventbrite&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=post_publish&amp;utm_content=EBLinkEvent&amp;utm_term=fullLink">Register now</a>, join our first live webinar with the Master&rsquo;s in Business Analytics Director and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This will be a unique opportunity to clarify all of your doubts...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “A Case Study on Reskilling into Tech” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Shannon Graybill invites Gilmar Lima</strong></p> <p>Is it really possible to reskill professionals into technical roles? Gilmar Lima, a former Telecomm Service Manager turned Developer at the age...</p>
E agora? (What now?): “Health: reaffirming its excellence" - <p>Our third conference on <strong>Health</strong> will be held on <strong>May 21, at 11 am,</strong> and is open to the general public and press. It aims to discuss how the health sector should adjust following its crucial role during...</p>
Paradox & Family Firms - Research Webinars - <p>The Paradox &amp; Plurality meeting aims at discussing organizational and societal problems from a paradoxical perspective. The Meeting Board and Program Chairs have decided to deliver some key parts...</p>
Nova SBE Bachelor's Open Day Webinar - <p>You can now apply to the Nova School of Business &amp; Economics&rsquo; Open Day Webinar. It will take place on <strong>May 26</strong> at <strong>01:00 pm</strong>. During this session, you will be able to learn more about our...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Road to a Sustainable Recovery” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Luís Veiga Martins invites Filipa Saldanha</strong></p> <p>What lessons on sustainability can we learn with this crisis? Is the trend towards a more sustainable economy at risk? Or is this a new...</p>
Webinar: Nova SBE Master's Talks on Hospitality & Service Management - <p>Do you want to know more about Hospitality &amp; Service Management? Then join this webinar, hosted by Professor Sérgio Guerreiro, and learn how you can cope with the current trends of the hospitality...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Scenarios and the Future II” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers:</strong> <strong>António Alvarenga</strong></p> <p>Join our webinar series where a team of experts will address the challenges and opportunities that arise in our personal and professional lives to help us to stop...</p>
Public Defense of the 2019-20 Master's Thesis - <p>From June 1 to June 5, we will hold the public defenses of the 2019-20 Master&#39;s thesis. Check <a href="/Portals/0/Files/Lista-provas-publicas-de-defesa-de-dissertacoes-de-mestrado-2020.pdf">this page</a> to see the full calendar.</p>
E agora? (What now?): “Internationalization & Export: rethinking global value chains" - <p>Our fourth conference&nbsp;&quot;Internationalization &amp; Export: rethinking global value chains&quot;, which will be held on <strong>June 1, at 3.00 pm</strong>, is open to the general public and press. It aims to...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “9 to 5 Makes Us Sick – Literally. A new paradigm for work” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Sabine Seymour</strong></p> <p>Humanizing work for GenZ in the age of Greta and Corona. Connecting work with purpose. A brainstorm of new models of remote work for GenZ, a generation of digital...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “The Relationship Between Banks and Companies in the Post-COVID-19 Economy” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Paulo Soares de Pinho</strong></p> <p>We will discuss the financial situation of the Portuguese banking sector and how it affects the type of relationship that will exist between banks and current...</p>
roletoplay Webinar “Technology and the Future of Travel & Tourism” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Sérgio Guerreiro invites Itai Green</strong></p> <p>The Travel &amp; Tourism industry was one of the most affected by COVID-19 and technology will play a key role in the future of the industry, in...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “2020 New Strategic Horizons for Businesses’ Recovery & Sustainability” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Filipe Alfaiate</strong></p> <p>Know how to unfold unknown business opportunities in times of crisis as creating shared value and stakeholder approach becomes essential in the business world to...</p>
Pitch Bootcamp Online - <p dir="ltr">Spark Agency&#39;s Pitch Bootcamp is back at Nova SBE. If you wish to understand how companies are adapting to these challenging times,&nbsp;how recruitment processes are taking place, and which...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Human Resilience: the SUPER competence” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: Marteen Asser</strong></p> <p>This webinar clarifies why Human Resilience is a SUPER competence that improves us in other leadership capabilities. We&rsquo;ll define it and apply it to the six...</p>
"Agregação" Sessions - <p>Next June 24<sup>th</sup> and 25th, at 02:00 p.m., you can watch Professor Pedro Miguel da Cruz Correia Gardete&#39;s &quot;Agregação&quot; sessions.</p> <p>Join us online, at&nbsp;<a...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Innovation Management for Business Results” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: </strong><strong>Paulo Malta</strong></p> <p>Innovation is all about value creation. Are your innovation activities delivering value during this pandemic?</p> <p>Join our webinar series where a team of experts will...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Florence Mendes Correia Carp Pinto Basto will defend his doctoral thesis &quot;Three essays on banks&rsquo;operational risk disclosures in the European Union: The role of informal institutions, and...</p>
2nd Annual Leading Together Index Award - <p>Every year, an event with C-level executives and business leaders is held to discuss the importance of gender-balanced leadership in the light of the latest research on the topic by McKinsey &amp;...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “The Impact of a Global Pandemic on Customer Service Verticals” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: </strong><strong>Vasco Pedro</strong></p> <p>Trends in customer service: who is winning and who is losing. Insights on the trends for customer service activity that we are observing within different industries in...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Ana Garcia Hernandez will defend her doctoral thesis &ldquo;Essays In Development Economics And Gender&rdquo;, which had Professor Alexander Coutts as supervisor, on July 1, 10.00 AM.</p> <p>According to...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: João Talone - <p>Luís Almeida Costa, scientific coordinator of the postgraduate program&nbsp;in Marketing, Strategy &amp; Innovation invites the new sponsor of the program, João Talone, for a brief conversation where...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Aires Afonso Mbanze &nbsp;will defend his doctoral thesis &quot;Conservation By Local People In The Niassa National Reserve: Money Or In-Kind Payments To Adopt Conservation-Friendly Practices&rdquo;,...</p>
#roletoplay Webinar “Why System Changes after COVID-19?” - <p><strong>Keynote Speakers: </strong><strong>Silvia Herrero</strong></p> <p>As COVID-19 triggers System Change as a popular approach, from economy to agriculture, why is it a pathway to sustainability and what do organizations need to engage...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Maria João Carioca - <p>The scientific coordinator of the graduate program in Applied Management, Filipa Castanheira, invites Maria João Carioca, the new sponsor of the program, to address the challenges that professionals...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: António Simões - <p>Miguel Pina e Cunha, scientific coordinator of the oldest graduate of Nova SBE, the General Management Course, invites the new sponsor of the program, António Simões, for a brief conversation where...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Luis Filipe will defend his doctoral thesis &ldquo;A Tour Of Health Care: Emergency Room, Hospital And Home&rdquo;, which had Professor Pedro Pita Barros as supervisor, on July 10, 2.00 PM.</p> <p>According...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Jorge Cardoso - <p>The scientific coordinator of the postgraduate course in Corporate Finance, Paulo Soares de Pinho, invites Jorge Freire Cardoso, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</p>
Getting ready to move to Portugal? We can help! - <p>Meet the Life at Nova Team, learn how they can help you nail a soft landing in Portugal, and get to ask all the questions you want and voice your concerns. Let them know here which specific topics you...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Miguel Azevedo - <p>The scientific coordinator of the postgraduate course in Financial Markets &amp; Risk Management, Paulo Soares de Pinho, invites Miguel Azevedo, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Paulo Guilherme will defend his doctoral thesis &quot;Technology Transfer in Rice Crop in Mozambique: From Research to Farmers&rdquo;, which had Professor Fernando Brito Soares as supervisor, on July...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Jacob Lawrence Macdonald will defend his doctoral thesis &quot;Leveraging Geospatial Statistics for Measuring and Valuing the Urban Environment&rdquo;, which had Professor Sofia Franco as supervisor,...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Pedro Pereira da Silva - <p>The executive coordinator of the graduate course in Supply Chain Management, Pedro Silva Caldeira, invites Pedro Pereira da Silva, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Isabel Vaz - <p>Filipa Breia da Fonseca and Filipe Costa, coordinators of the postgraduate course in Health Management, invite Isabel Vaz, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on how management training can...</p>
Know the Program, Meet the Sponsor: Alexandra Brandão - <p>The scientific coordinator of the postgraduate course in People &amp; Talent Management, Pedro Neves, invites Alexandra Brandão, the new sponsor of the program, to reflect on the challenges that...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Muriel Halpern Pereira Faden da Silva&nbsp;will defend her doctoral thesis &quot;Navigating Tensions in the Context of Enduring Complexity&rdquo;, which had Professor Miguel Pina e Cunha as a...</p>
Nestlé Start and Co. 2020 - Open Call - <p><meta name="uuid" content="uuidbzenQBWeUpmk" /><meta charset="utf-8" /></p> <p>The third edition of Nestlé Start and Co. 2020, a Nestlé Portugal innovation program in partnership with the Nova SBE Co.Innovation Lab,&nbsp;is about to start. And we want to challenge startups and...</p></meta></meta>
Data Science Bootcamp - Last Call - <p>The Nova SBE x Le Wagon bootcamp, the no. 1 coding bootcamp in the world, will take place in a part-time format over 24 weeks and is meant for students who want to learn Data Science step by step. The...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Miguel Teles de Carvalho Homem Ferreira&nbsp;will defend his doctoral thesis &quot;Essays on Incomplete Markets and Aggregate Shocks&rdquo;, which had Professor Pedro Brinca as a supervisor, on August...</p>
2020 Nova SBE Discovery Week - <p>Whether the challenge is studying, learning, risking everything, or making it through the day, you have done it all. In fact, you&rsquo;ve mastered it! The real challenge is discovering where you can...</p>
The New Post-Pandemic Consumer Challenges Current Marketing Strategies - <p>This pandemic will change the world we live in for years to come, even after COVID-19 is gone, leading consumers to rethink their purchase decisions and expectations regarding brands. Do you want to...</p>
The New Post-Pandemic Consumer Challenges Current Marketing Strategies - <p>This pandemic will change the world we live in for years to come, even after COVID-19 is gone, leading consumers to rethink their purchase decisions and expectations regarding brands. Do you want to...</p>
Makers in the Making Program - <p>This program allows students to gain entrepreneurial experience to pilot, experiment, learn, and grow during the process. Any idea is welcome, and in the end, students can present their pitch to the...</p>
Welcome to the Future of Learning: the new path to transformation - <p>Nova SBE Executive Education is about to launch a new platform that opens up a world of possibilities and learning solutions. A new world where you can choose to learn. <a href="https://zoom.us/webinar/register/8915998516502/WN_wC25EjszQJ-nE8oRj7vu9g" target="_blank">Register now</a> and have exclusive...</p>
Paradigm Shift Conference: Sustainable Transformation - <p>The fact that organizations can no longer ignore sustainability in their processes is not an innovative idea anymore. However, the way to do it is still unclear, creates tensions, and entails...</p>
Data Science for Everybody - Second Edition Applications - <p>Le Wagon built this free course for beginners who are taking their first steps into the world of data and want to prepare for advanced data science and machine learning courses. Participants who...</p>
Data Science for Social Good Summit - <p>The Data Science for Social Good Summit will feature a series of panels and hands-on workshops that will take place twice a week throughout October for free. It aims to empower our community by...</p>
2020 Conference Cycle | Economic Inequality and Redistribution in Portugal - <p>The Portuguese Public Finance Council will hold a webinar on &quot;Desigualdades Económicas e Redistribuição em Portugal&quot; [Economic Inequality and Redistribution in Portugal]. The debate will...</p>
Startup Research 2021 - Informative Session - <p>The third edition of StartUp Research, a post-graduation course developed in partnership between ITQB NOVA and Nova SBE to help researchers envision the value their science can generate will be...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p><strong>João António Antunes Calado dos Santos Magro</strong> will defend his doctoral thesis &quot;Essays on Corporate Finance&rdquo;, which had Miguel Luís Ferreira and Cláudia Dias Custódio as a supervisor, on...</p>
Breakfast with the Dean - <p>Join Professor Daniel Traça for the second breakfast this semester. To snatch one of the coveted spots you must submit your best question for the Dean on this topic via Nova SBE&rsquo;s stories on <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/d0fc9ad31f77aee274fee327b0ca1b72-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c"...</p>
Now Trending: e-Commerce - <p>PepsiCo Europe&rsquo;s e-Commerce Director and Executive Coordinator of the 360&ordm; e-Commerce Management&nbsp;program, Rui Francisco, invites Filipe Santiago, Senior Partner of BlueShift, as the...</p>
Commercial solutions to social problems | Powered by MYC & BYC - <p><span class="font-line-height-xl" style="font-family: &quot;lucida sans unicode&quot;, &quot;lucida grande&quot;, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;">In this online session, three national and international social entrepreneurs will present their solutions to address the same social problem &ndash; refugee integration. Is it possible to combine...</span></p>
Strategic Planning in Dynamic Contexts - <p>The scientific coordinator of the Strategic Planning&nbsp;program, Emanuel Gomes, alongside&nbsp;professor João Silveira Lobo, invites António Casanova, CEO of joint-ventures @ Unilever FIMA and Gallo...</p>
How to survive the first 100 years: experiences in successions between the first 3 generations of a family business - <p>The scientific coordinator of the Family Business Management program, Alexandre Dias da Cunha, invites Heinz-Peter Elstrodt, Member of the CA da Semapa 2019/2020, Faculty Member at London Business...</p>
The Future of Banking: Competing or cohabiting with FinTech? - <p>Co-Founder of Raize&nbsp;and coordinator of the FinTech Innovation &amp; Competition program, Afonso Eça, invites Duarte Líbano Monteiro, Country Manager at Ebury, to discuss the future of banking...</p>
The Importance of Data Science Today - <p>The scientific coordinator of the Big Data &amp; Business Analytics program, Carlos Daniel Santos, invites an alumnus of the program, Joaquim Lima, to reflect on the importance of data science today,...</p>
Boards Challenges of Today - <p>The Scientific Coordinator of the Corporate Governance program, Duarte Pitta Ferraz, invites Raúl Galamba, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CTT, to reflect on the challenges that Boards face...</p>
Remote Leadership Centered on People: Lessons from Pandemic - <p>What are the challenges of remote leadership in contexts of high uncertainty? Professor Milton de Sousa presents a study conducted by Nova SBE on the effects of leadership centered on people in terms...</p>
Social Database Launch - <p>The Social Database is an integrated platform, which will be made available to Portuguese society, providing complete information in an intuitive way about all the organizations in the Portuguese...</p>
Breakfast with the Dean - <p>Join Professor Daniel Traça for the first breakfast of the academic year. To snatch one of the coveted spots you must submit your best question for the Dean on the announced topic via Nova SBE&rsquo;s...</p>
GreenFest - <p>Greenfest is the largest sustainability festival in the country and celebrates the best economic, social, and environmental practices. It is a platform where ideas and experiences can be shared and...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Finance - <p>Join our live webinar with Professor Melissa Prado, and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions Office and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This will be a unique opportunity...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Management - <p>Join our live webinar with Professors António Nogueira Leite and Luís Martinez, and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions Office and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Economics - <p>Join our live webinar with Professor Cátia Batista, and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions Office and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This will be a unique opportunity...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation - <p>Join our live webinar about the Master&#39;s in Impact Entrepreneurship &amp; Innovation, the first-ever in the country, with Professor Pedro Oliveira, the Master&#39;s Academic Director,...</p>
Paradox & Family Firms - <p>Join the Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center and explore the paradoxes in family businesses with Christine Blondel, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Peter Villax, Rita Nabeiro, and Alexandre Dias da...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Business Analytics - <p>Join our live webinar with Professor Rita Cunha, and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions Office and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This will be a unique opportunity to...</p>
Master’s Talks on International Development and Public Policy - <p>Join our live webinar about the Master&#39;s in International Development and Public Policy with Professors Pedro Vicente,&nbsp;Cátia Batista, José Tavares, Pedro Martins,&nbsp;and members from the...</p>
Exchange student, exchange experience: now a Master’s - <p>The <i>Nova</i> way of life is only possible because students like you chose Nova SBE to continue to wonder, discover, and create. To find themselves and determine their place in this world. As such, we...</p>
Customer Experience: Hospitality Lessons from Retailing - <p>An insightful talk with Inês Drummond Borges, Worten&rsquo;s Marketing Director, about the importance of customer experience management as a holistic approach in the organizations and the relevance of...</p>
Women's Data Day - Data Analytics & Web Scraping - <p>The goal of these&nbsp;workshops&nbsp;is to give<strong>&nbsp;</strong>women the opportunity to find out if data&nbsp;is something that could be an interesting future career path. Le Wagon believes that&nbsp;<strong>a more...</strong></p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on CEMS MIM - <p>Join our live webinar with Professor Catherine da Silveira, the CEMS MIM Academic Director, Carolina Sales, CEMS MIM Program Manager, and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p>Ana Inês da Silva Vilela will defend his doctoral thesis &quot;Essays in Development Economics: The Role of Information Provision&rdquo;, which had Professor Pedro Camarinha Vicente as a supervisor,...</p>
Public Defense of the Fall 2020-21 Master's Thesis - <p>From January 11 to 29, we will hold the public defenses of the Fall 2020-21 Master&#39;s thesis.&nbsp;Check <a href="https://www2.novasbe.unl.pt/Portals/0/Files/Defesas%20de%20Janeiro_2021_Fall%202021_.pdf?ver=2021-01-18-162529-077">this page</a> to see the full calendar.</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Finance - <p>Join our live webinar with Professor Melissa Prado and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions Office and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This will be a unique opportunity...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Management - <p>Join our live webinar with Professors António Nogueira Leite and Luís Martinez and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions Office and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on CEMS MIM - <p>Join our live webinar with Professor Catherine da Silveira, the CEMS MIM Academic Director, Carolina Sales, CEMS MIM Program Manager, and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions...</p>
Master’s Talks on International Development and Public Policy - <p>Join our live webinar about the Master&#39;s in International Development and Public Policy with Professors Pedro Vicente,&nbsp;José Tavares, and Pedro Martins, and members from the Nova SBE Student...</p>
Master’s Talks on Economics - <p>Join our live webinar with Professor Cátia Batista, and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions Office and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This will be a unique opportunity...</p>
Makers in the Making Pitch Day – Call for pitches - <p>The Makers in the Making pitch event is coming up and it&#39;s open to the entire Nova SBE community. If you want to get feedback, hire people for your team, get a mentor, or even try to attract Angel...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Business Analytics - <p>Join our live webinar with Professors Rita Cunha e Luís Caires and members from the Nova SBE Student Recruitment &amp; Admissions Office and learn more about this Master&#39;s. This will be a unique...</p>
Nova SBE Master’s Talks on Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation - <p>Join our live webinar about the Master&#39;s in Impact Entrepreneurship &amp; Innovation, the first-ever in the country, with Professor Pedro Oliveira, the Master&#39;s Academic Director,...</p>
Ageas Digital Hackathon | Co-Create the Insurance Company of the Future - Open Applications - <p><meta name="uuid" content="uuidk3VMS6VgLnG9" /><meta charset="utf-8" /></p> <p>You can now apply to Ageas Portugal Hackathon&#39;s third edition, which is organized by the <a href="https://www2.novasbe.unl.pt/en/community/labs-hubs/coinnovation-lab/overview">Nova SBE Co.Innovation Lab</a>. This will be a marathon to create, develop, plan, and design an innovative...</p></meta></meta>
Paradoxical Management Challenges 2020 - Report Presentation and Webinar - <p>In this webinar, the Nova SBE Twinning Project team will present the Leadership Observatory 2020 Report. The report is a result of the analysis of 25 interviews on the topic of &ldquo;Leadership...</p>
Building the Future - <p>Building the Future is an event exclusively dedicated to education and technology. It aims to bring those who teach, learn, decide, research, and support this ecosystem together. Seize this...</p>
Doctoral Thesis Defense - <p><strong>Rute Martins</strong> Caeiro will defend her doctoral thesis <em>Essays in Development Economics: the Uptake of New Technologies</em>, which had Pedro Camarinha Vicente as a supervisor, on January 28, 2021, at 8.00 pm,...</p>
ProAction 2021 Edition: Climate Action - <p>This brand new Summer School is identifying solutions to the worlds&rsquo; most pressing challenges, and bringing multinational companies in the area of the blue and green economy, and smart cities to...</p>
28 Jan '21
Students | Thursday Doctoral Thesis Defense

Rute Martins Caeiro will defend her doctoral thesis Essays in Development Economics: the Uptake of New Technologies, which had Pedro Camarinha Vicente as a supervisor, on January 28, 2021, at 8.00 pm,...

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