FIRMA & Future Award | CALL FOR APLICATIONS - <p>This prize is an initiative to promote excellence in several areas, focusing on different national challenges and regions of Portugal, fostering territory cohesion and social peace while valuing human...</p>
The Globotics Upheaval | Richard Baldwin - ...
2019 EFMD Annual Conference | Trust - Partnerships - Impact - <p>Designed for all those interested in management education and development, this conference&nbsp;brings together EFMD members, companies, educational institutions and other associations, offering...</p>
2019 NOVAFRICA Conference on Economic Development in Africa - <p>Join this event that will have renowned keynote speakers, such as Paul Collier (University of Oxford), Gerard Padro-i-Miquel (Yale University), Tavneet Suri (MIT), and Leonard Wantcheko (Princeton...</p>
Impactful Career Talks with Fábio Silva - <p>Fábio Silva is a social entrepreneur, founder of the first national volunteer platform of Brazil and the 1st social incubator, named Porto Social.&nbsp;<i>Forbes&nbsp;</i>magazine also elected him as the...</p>
Estoril Conferences 2019 | Youth Summit - <p>The Youth Summit is the opening moment of the Estoril Conferences, a place for young people to raise awareness regarding global issues. Students Francisca Anselmo and Manuel Felgueiras will be the...</p>
Estoril Conferences 2019 | Empowering Humanity from Local to Global Justice - <p>Don&#39;t miss the 6th edition of the Estoril Conferences.&nbsp;Check the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">program</a>&nbsp;and join this global dialogue on justice and human rights. Join the exclusive live streaming&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p>
Healthy Market Cascais - <p>Join the first edition of this event, where you can expect several activities related to sports, food, and health dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Don&#39;t miss it! Learn more <u><a href="" target="_blank">here</a></u>&nbsp;and apply by...</p>
Paradox & Sustainability - Leadership & Society Forum 2019 - <p>The conference will discuss the paradoxes that leaders all around the world are confronted with that have no definitive solutions. This year&rsquo;s edition will focus mainly on tensions that arise...</p>
Sun Day 2019 | Expectations of Auction Modalities and the Implications of Financing Models - <p>Join this discussion about renewable energy, which will focus on the renewable sector in Portugal and on digitization as one of the main drivers for energy transition and decarbonization. Apply&nbsp;<a href=""...</p>
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05 May '18
Clearing Sessions | Saturday Nova SBE Open Day

Nova SBE Open Day

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