Portugal Mobi Summit - <p>The largest urban mobility event in Portugal will bring the world&#39;s leading protagonists to talk about topics such as decarburization, multimodal urban transport solutions, smart infrastructures...</p>
GreenFest - <p>Greenfest is the largest sustainability festival in the country and celebrates the best economic, social, and environmental practices. It is meant to be a platform where ideas and experiences can be...</p>
European Investment Bank Day -Risk Management team - Campus Presentation + Networking Cocktail - <p>The Risk Management team of the European Investment Bank is pleased to invite you to a campus presentation to share how their work makes a difference in Europe and beyond. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e0d4997f3c235f5d604cd1f0e2c35545-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Sign up here</a>. Do you also...</p>
16.ª Conferência Nacional da Economia da Saúde [16th Health Economics National Conference] - <p>The Portuguese Association of Health Economics, together with several Nova SBE Health Economics &amp; Management Knowledge Center members will, for the first time in this conference, have an entire...</p>
The financial marathon is on: an invitation to get creative - <p>Come and join a group of Cetelem experts to create new ideas and take on four different challenges in the Financial Industry: customer service; products and offerings; paradigm shift: ownership or...</p>
Smart Citizenship Academy 2019 - <p>The Municipality of Cascais and the Nova School of Business &amp; Economics&nbsp;will hold,&nbsp;for the second consecutive year, the Smart Citizenship Academy, a space for reflection, debate, and...</p>
World Bank Group - Young Professionals Program - <p>Learn about early career opportunities from highly skilled and motivated postgraduate students and alumni who will showcase the Young Professionals Program, the World Bank&rsquo;s flagship program. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/e0d4997f3c235f5d604cd1f0e2c35545-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c"...</p>
BPI-Nova SBE Asset Management Conference 2019 - <p>The main objective of this conference is to present and discuss recent advances in academic research on Asset Management. Attendance is free of charge but you have to <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/16cdadf3d4f6ff5d5e521ed40bc7dfdf-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">register</a>.</p>
Amazon Devices - Workshop in Digital Marketing - <p>Two Nova SBE Alumni from the Amazon EU HQ, in Luxembourg, are joining Nova SBE for a unique session. Be one of the 40 participants that will gather digital marketing insights through a real case study...</p>
Accenture Company Day (Business Challenge + Networking Cocktail) - <p>If you want to participate in a challenging and hands-on session where you will learn how digital and new technology is impacting businesses all over the world, then join in. <a href="https://lt.mydplr.com/bf998f0675d6f215c26760e31eb876ab-eafc508e5df4cd7db32e94eaa23ab00c" target="_blank">Register here</a>.</p>
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