Health & Safety

Safety rules on campus

In-person, the experience on-campus is an essential part of the learning experience at Nova SBE – 80 % of our students stated exactly that in a survey, reinforcing our confidence in our approach.

To continue enjoying our campus, we ask our community to keep in mind the following general basic safety rules.

Five Golden Rules

Always wear a clean and dry mask on-campus.
Mask Up
Always wear a clean and dry mask on-campus.
Clean any surface before and after you use it.
Clean any surface before and after you use it.
Always maintain a safe distance and limit gatherings to a maximum of 5 people​.
Always maintain a safe distance and limit gatherings to a maximum of 5 people​.
Always visibly display your Nova SBE card.
Always visibly display your Nova SBE card.
Notify the respective office in case of a suspected case.
Notify the respective office in case of a suspected case.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory, indoors and outdoors, except when eating or smoking
  • Always keep your mask on during classes and while sharing meeting rooms or offices
  • New masks are available, and you can purchase them at the Nova SBE Konceptum Store, in the vending machines, and at Pingo Doce & Go
  • Follow the rules of hygiene and disinfect all equipment (computers, desks, microwaves, vending machines, etc.) before each use
  • Clean and disinfect your hands often, including when entering and leaving the classroom/office
  • There are disinfectant disposals throughout the campus. If you find one empty, please alert the security team or write to
  • Always avoid physical contact
  • Follow circulation guidelines
  • Limit gatherings to a max. of five people
  • Be responsible in all interactions with others and minimize the number of different people you come in close contact with
  • Respect the signage in equipment and furniture and sit only in marked seats
  • Do not move furniture around
  • Take the stairs, as lifts will be blocked and only be activated if necessary (i.e., if a person with reduced mobility requires access)
  • Sign up for the services’ virtual queues
  • When using student services, students must wait outside until they are called in, keeping physical distance. All interactions must take place in desks with acrylic protection
  • Attend classes of the section you enrolled in (TA, TB & TC), without exception
  • Group work and meetings must take place online, as well as course instructor’s office hours
  • Study spaces and other common areas are reserved for individual study
  • When accessing closed spaces, the following rules must be followed:
    • Auditoriums and amphitheaters – middle seats must be occupied first (the ones farthest from the access steps)
    • Single-level rooms – the seats that are nearest to the windows must be occupied first
    • The people closest to the access steps/door should be the first to leave the room
  • Always carry your Nova SBE card and make sure it is always visible
  • Access to the campus is limited to members of the Nova SBE community, properly identified, or to guests with visitor badges (they must be approved before a visitor pass can be issued)
  • In case you are infected with COVID-19, have been in close contact with someone who tested positive, or show any symptoms, notify the designated team so that the best support can be provided (students:; faculty:; staff:
  • If you are in any of the above-mentioned situations, make sure you get in touch with health authorities (you can call the SNS24 hotline at 808 24 24 24), as they are the ones who can best advise you on how to proceed and the only ones who are able to issue any declarations you might need to validate your absence
  • The school is working closely with the local health authorities to ensure it provides the best response to COVID-19 situations in our community. Contact tracing is a key part of fighting this pandemic, so it is important that individuals keep the school informed about their case to ensure proper contact-tracing is done and dully dealt with
  • Anyone feeling symptomatic on-campus should contact the Welcome Desk or call the campus emergency line (91 180 72 28). They will be directed to the isolation area, from where contact with the SNS24 line can be established, for directions on how to proceed
  • Keep the A/C on and the windows open in classrooms and offices
  • Staff members should maintain a clean desk policy
  • Faculty should reduce class time to assure safe access