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At Nova SBE we know the importance of equal opportunities and want to make sure that no student is excluded from higher education due to financial constraints.


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Grants and Scholarships

NOVAFRICA Merit Scholarships

The NOVAFRICA center has been promoting the NOVAFRICA Merit Scholarships Program since 2012. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students from African countries who have been accepted at Nova SBE. It consists of a tuition waiver and an allowance to help with additional costs. Before being considered for this scholarship, students must secure that they are admitted in the Nova SBE degree they choose. It is recommended that prospective candidates apply well in advance of the degree application deadlines, as scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis. To apply, students must send an email to NOVAFRICA, with the CV, letter of enrollment in a Nova SBE program and a motivation letter attached.

Gap Year

Want to take a year off to make a difference in the world and really challenge yourself?
If you have recently graduated from the Bachelor’s degree at Nova SBE, or are finishing your Bachelor’s degree this academic year, you can apply to the NOVA SBE Gap Year Scholarship, brought to you by a partnership between Nova SBE and Gap Year Portugal.
You can tailor you own gap year, if it fits your goals and dreams - it's the perfect plan.
The project winner will receive a scholarship (5.000€ for a single application or 6.500€ when traveling in pairs) that financially supports your gap year.
For the winner(s) and applicants that present the 10 best projects, and that have been accepted as a master’s degree student at Nova SBE, it will be possible to delay the beginning of the master’s degree for one year so as to carry out their project.
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