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Over 23

If you are over 23 by December 31st of the previous civil year and you don’t have the legal requirements to enroll in a Bachelor's of your choosing, you can apply to Nova SBE to complete a Mathematics exam and obtain the qualification to do so. You should also hold a European Union nationality or been legally living in Portugal at least for the past two years. 

If you pass this exam, you can then apply to the Nova SBE Bachelor's programs with the Over 23 contest.

Information for the Academic Year 2020/2021


Step 1 – Apply to the Mathematics exam (a written exam to access the Over 23 special contest) through the online form made available in this page.

To apply to the Mathematics Exam, candidates should submit their application through the online form available in this page and pay an application fee of 60 €. 

The Over 23 Mathematics exam covers the same topics of the Portuguese Mathematics A course. On the day of the exam, candidates will have to bring their ID/Passport with them. Otherwise, they won’t be able to take the exam. 

The candidates who obtain less than ten values (out of 20) on the Mathematics exam will not be considered for the Over 23 special contest.  

Step 2 – The candidates approved on the Mathematics Exam confirm their application to the Over 23 Special Contest by paying another application fee of 70 €. They will occupy the vacancies available in accordance with the following criteria:

A.    Grade on the Mathematics Exam – 80 %
B.    Curriculum Vitae – 5 %
C.    Motivation letter – 5 %
D.    English Knowledge (minimum of B2), demonstrated by a British Council certificate or equivalent (the certificate should state the level attained according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) – 10 %.

The final list of approved candidates will be published at Nova SBE and at this website.  

Math exam applications

May 4 to May 15

Publication of the Admitted Candidates to the Math Exam

May 20 2020

Math Exam

May 27 2020

Publication of the Results (Over 23 Math Exam)

June 3 2020

Applications for the Over 23 Contest

June 4 to June 18 2020

Publication of the admissions results

July 2 2020


July 29 to August 5 2020



  • Copy of ID;
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Motivation letter where the candidate explains why he/she wants to apply to a bachelor degree at Nova SBE;
  • Honor statement in which the applicant declares that it is not the holder of the legal requirements to enroll in a bachelor's degree in Portugal, according to the subsection a) of n.º 5 of article 12.º of the Law n.º 46/86, of October 14th (“Lei de Bases do Sistema Educativo”), changed by the Laws n.º 115/97, of September 19th, and 49/2005, of August 30th;
  • Certificate of English proficiency (minimum B2 level) issued by the British Council or an equivalent institution, according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”;
  • Additional documents such as diplomas, certificates or recommendation letters that you find useful to prove your qualifications and curriculum.

Note: An English Certificate is not mandatory. However, it is advisable that all students possess the B2 English level given that the entire Bachelor's degree is entirely taught in English from the second year onwards.

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