Bachelor in Management

General Admission

The access to the higher education system in Portugal operates under a numerus clausus regime, meaning that for each degree there is a limited amount of vacancies.

To apply to our Bachelors by General Admission, students must hold a High School degree (or legally equivalent) AND to have done the Portuguese Mathematics National Exam (for no longer that two years prior to applying) with a minimum grade of 95.

Foreign EU-students will need to request the Portuguese Education Ministry the specific equivalent of their High-School Certificate and, in case they haven't done the Portuguese Mathematics National Exam, the specific equivalent of an International Baccarelaureate. For details about this situation please check: Directorate-General for Higher Education’s website.

Vacancies for the Academic Year 2018/2019

  • Final high-school average: 50 %
  • Portuguese Mathematics A National Exam: 50 %
  • No applicant will be admitted with a score of less than 95 on the admission test (out of 200).
  • No applicant will be admitted with an overall high-school grade average of less than 135 (out of 200).
1st phase September 10th
2nd phase September 27th
3rd phase Non-applicable
  • 2 Passport photos
  • Copy of ID card
  • Vaccination bulletin (with up-to-date tetanus immunization)

To apply

As a Public School, our application process to the Undergraduate Degrees is managed by the Access Services of the Ministry.