Bachelor in Economics

Frequently Asked Questions

National Mathematics A Exam (worth 50%) + High School Final Average (minimum average of 13.5 and worth the remaining 50%)

Economics: 16.95 | Management: 17.30

We simply cannot answer this question as it depends on the final scores of the applicants. These scores will be provided by the Ministry of Education.

Yes, you can. The 2nd application stage will take place between September 11th and September 22nd.

For European students, tuition fees are of €1063.47/year, to be paid in two installments, until September 15th and December 15th, respectively. An additional 36.5€ fee is added to cover administrative costs and school insurance. This amount should be paid together with the first tuition installment.

The non-payment of the tuition fees and charges will result in additional interest for late payment and can affect the students’ curricular activities. In case you find it difficult or impossible to meet this expense, it is possible to come up with a different installment plan.

From September 11th to September 14th at the Undergraduate Office.

  • 2 Pictures;

  • 1 copy of your ID card (signed) | 1 copy of your fiscal card

  • Updated Vaccination record

  • Can I spend a semester studying at a foreign school (exchange semester)?

  • Yes, you can. We have partnerships with 200 universities in 54 countries where you can spend your semester abroad, either during the 2nd semester of the 2nd year or during the 1st semester of your 3rd year.

By the end of the 1st Year you can request to change degree with a cost of €70.

Yes, you can. During the 3rd year you can choose, as an elective course, subjects from the other Undergraduate program.

During the 1st year you can choose one of the following options:

  • Classes taught in English;

  • Classes taught in Portuguese;

  • Algebra and Calculus classes taught in Portuguese and the remaining classes taught in English.

Please bear in mind that all classes starting from the 2nd year onwards are taught in English.

During the 1st year, you will do an English Assessment Test so that you can test your abilities and improve even farther if needed. This test usually takes place around October/November and its cost is covered by Nova SBE.

It is a daytime schedule, Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm. The timetable for 1st year students is assigned by Nova SBE. During the following years you can change classes and subjects and customize your schedule. Lastly, there are no classes on Fridays for 1st year students.

No, you cannot.

You can find a Men’s Soccer Team, a Men’s Futsal Team, a Men’s Rugby Team, a Men’s Basketball Team, and a Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Team. Additionally, you can enroll in several other Nova SBE clubs that will enrich your personal and social experience in our school.

It’s called Alfredo de Sousa residence. For further information please ask the Social Action Services of UNL or go to the following website:

Regarding accommodation, please check the following links: