Means of transportation

How to get to the Campus

From Lisbon

From the Carcavelos Train Station to campus: 25’ walking/5' MobiCascais shuttle/8’ bike. From the Oeiras Train Station: 20’ walking/ 10’ bike
Train from Cais do Sodré to campus - 35'
From the Carcavelos Train Station to campus: 25’ walking/5' MobiCascais shuttle/8’ bike. From the Oeiras Train Station: 20’ walking/ 10’ bike
Car from Lisbon's city center to campus - 25'
Special Integrated Pass

Special discount with an integrated pass

The Nova SBE community will be able to purchase a combined CP and MobiCascais pass with a 40 % discount, applicable to the following services:

- CP train;
- The MobiCascais bus shuttle between the Carcavelos Train Station and our campus;
- The MobiCascais bike sharing and renting system between the Carcavelos Train Station and the campus, for 30 minutes/daily. A brand new bike lane from the Carcavelos Train Station to the campus is almost completed.

It is now possible to buy the CP | Nova SBE with special prices. Passes are valid for an unlimited number of trips by train and bus.

Car-sharing with Via Verde

More comfort, fewer costs

Have you been wondering how your journey to the new campus will be? We, at Nova SBE, have been thinking a lot about that! 

Ridesharing application Via Verde Boleias is now available. All you need to do is:
•    Register in the Via Verde Boleias application; 
•    Insert your personal TOKEN (new students will receive one soon) to access the Nova SBE exclusive group;
•    And start traveling with Via Verde Boleias to save more than you think.


And that's not all, the Via Verde Boleias has tons of extra perks for Nova SBE community, such as:

•    It offers drivers 5€ off Galp fuel on the first ride you share and up to 3€ on all other rides. 
•    It also offers passengers 5€ in purchases at Pingo Doce stores for the first 1000 rides with Via Verde Boleias. You may receive these perks, and more, once you register on the app. All you need is your Nova SBE token (which was sent to you via e-mail) to access the Nova SBE group in the app. 


Locations and Pricing

If you decide to use your own car, then know you can use the campus parking, which has 550 parking spots, or you can park in the campus' surrouding areas.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, doubts, or queries about any of the mobility information presented in this page, then please e-mail

Mobility - Life at Nova SBE | Nova SBE

Campus Parking

550 places

1 hour

1-6 hours

6-12 hours

These are special prices created especially for the Nova SBE community. Via Verde does not apply.

Surrounding areas

Open field with around 970 free spots

Carcavelos beach parking
€1/day - low season
€3.2/day - high season


Transportation in Lisbon

How to get around in the city

The transport network is extremely far-reaching and reliable. Lisbon’s subway (metro) is its main artery, connecting the city center with the upper and eastern districts and the suburbs.

The best way to pay for public transportation is buying a rechargeable green-colored “Viva Viagem” card, valid for metro, trams, urban trains, most buses, and ferries.

Alternatively, you can buy a monthly pass.