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Enjoy the stimulating environment that Nova SBE has to offer. There are 122 brand new rooms on campus for Nova SBE’s students. The accommodation is operated by MILESTONE, an experienced premium student housing provider.

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Countless rooms off campus

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Lisbon is an amazing city to live in: while wandering the streets, you can clearly see history and modern art merging. There’s a direct connection between the campus and the city center, where life is happening all the time.

Nova SBE has established partnerships with Inlife and Uniplaces so that you can have the best room, at the best price, and in the shortest time, guaranteed.

There are also partnerships with two student residences: Collegiate, in  Lisbon's city center, and Chalet Julia, in Parede, near the Carcavelos campus.

You can expect a room to cost around 250€-500€per month, numbers which can be higher in the city's premium areas.

Also near Parede is Cocoon Residences, a local partner, which will also provide other options in the future.

But wait! There is also - a platform created by a Nova SBE alumnus that anticipated the students' desire to live close to the Carcavelos Campus and beach.

This recently created platform comprises different houses within a walking distance from the campus, and surrounding areas well serviced by public transports. It is totally free of charge for students! There are still some opportunities available, so feel free to explore.

From the off-campus options that Nova SBE presents, you now have yet another at your service.

Nova SBE has also established a new partnership with Smart Studios. It provides accommodations in renovated buildings, combining the best of times past with the demands of modern times.

They have plenty of properties for affordable prices in important areas near the CP train line such as Alcântara and Ajuda. Next year, Smart Studios plans on having a huge complex of studios near the Carcavelos Campus so be on the lookout for incoming announcements!

Lisbon - Cascais connection

Finding a room in the campus surroundings will be more practical, since it will allow you to get to the campus on a shorter time and the rent will probably be more appealing.

However, you may choose a place further away, somewhere along the coast. There’s a train connecting all locations between Lisbon and Cascais, which will make your life easier.

If you wish to live in the center of Lisbon, there are 4 subway lines that reach the suburban areas. You should take the train to Carcavelos in Cais do Sodré, which is the station for the green line of the subway.

At the moment, there are nearly 400 beds around campus. There will be around 1000 more in the next couple of years.


New 1000 Beds under construction

Campus Surrounding areas

~400 Beds


Close to train stations ~800 Beds