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Enjoy the stimulating environment that Nova SBE has to offer. There are 122 brand new rooms on campus for Nova SBE’s students. The accommodation is operated by MILESTONE, an experienced premium student housing provider.

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Countless rooms off campus

A lot of options to choose from

SASNOVA currently has three Halls of Residence for students of the University, with total of 460 beds. Priority is given to Portuguese scholarship students and foreign students on exchange programs.

Nova SBE has partnerships with Inlife and Uniplaces so that you can have the best room at the best price, as shortly as possible, guaranteed. Don’t forget to check your Nova SBE code on our Welcome Guide.

For those who prefer to live in the city, Nova SBE has partnerships with Collegiate Residence, a modern building at the heart of Lisbon with commodities such as a swimming pool and gym, and with Smart Studios. These have several remodeled buildings combining the best the past has to offer and the high demands of the present, near the city center, and in important areas where you have the CP train line and can easily access campus.

In July 2020, Smart Studios will inaugurate the Carcavelos Residence, with 300 studios that a merely 10 minute-walk campus. Pre-reservations are already available and have special prices that be seized as of now.

Near the Campus, you can also find Cocoon Residences and Chalet Julia in Parede, which are only 10 minutes away by car, and both have good access to the campus by public transportation. For bicycle adepts, access is quite easy.

But there’s more! There’s still – a platform developed by a Nova SBE alumnus who anticipated the students’ desire to live near the Carcavelos campus and the beach.

This platform covers different house types, located near the campus and surrounding areas that are equally well served by public transportation. The website registration doesn’t have associated costs.

Lisbon - Cascais connection

Finding a room in the campus surroundings will be more practical, since it will allow you to get to the campus on a shorter time and the rent will probably be more appealing.

However, you may choose a place further away, somewhere along the coast. There’s a train connecting all locations between Lisbon and Cascais, which will make your life easier.

If you wish to live in the center of Lisbon, there are 4 subway lines that reach the suburban areas. You should take the train to Carcavelos in Cais do Sodré, which is the station for the green line of the subway.

At the moment, there are nearly 400 beds around campus. There will be around 1000 more in the next couple of years.


New 1000 Beds under construction

Campus Surrounding areas

~400 Beds


Close to train stations ~800 Beds