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Nova Healthcare Initiative in the media

License to Kill - <p>NHEM members and their papers have license to kill, but what about physicians and nurses? Want to know more? Ask Eduardo Costa.</p>
First meeting after vacations with a special guest from far away - <p>Mohammad Hossein Reihani, Ph.D.&nbsp; in Ivey, Canada, was invited to present his work in the first NHEM meeting after vacations.</p>
NHEM in the Euhea Early Career Workshop - <p>Another wave of NHEM members strikes in Poto, in the early career workshop of EuHEA.</p>
Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good? - <p>Judite Gonçalves and João Pereira dos Santos study the impact of the so called sugar tax on the prices and quantities of the beverages affected by this policy.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
360 (Portuguese only) - <p><a href="http://www.pt.cision.com/cp2013/ClippingDetails.aspx?id=141fb69c-1085-4071-a1d6-ecf8d50efd4d&amp;userId=fa240c38-8a4a-441e-8ccf-c08447362b32&amp;userid=fa240c38-8a4a-441e-8ccf-c08447362b32">http://www.pt.cision.com/cp2013/ClippingDetails.aspx?id=141fb69c-1085-4071-a1d6-ecf8d50efd4d&amp;userId=fa240c38-8a4a-441e-8ccf-c08447362b32&amp;userid=fa240c38-8a4a-441e-8ccf-c08447362b32</a>Watch Pedro...</p>
Pedro Pita Barros na Linha da Frente (Portuguese only) - <p>Pedro Pita Barros was on episode 22 of the program&nbsp; Linha da Frente of&nbsp;RTP, with the title&nbsp;&quot;The Health Business&quot;.</p>
Doctoral Defense - Nucke Widowati - <p>Nucke Widowati, a member of NHEM, defended her thesis on the 1st of July.</p>
Opinião TSF, 01/07/2019 (only in Portuguese) - <p>Mais uma opinião de Pedro Pita Barros para a rádio TSF.</p>
EURAM 2019 - Exploring the future of management, Lisboa, 28 June 2019 - <p>Pedro Pita Barros participated in&nbsp;EURAM 2019 - Exploring the future of management, in the 28th of June which took place in Lisbon.</p>
Gaveta dos Segredos do SNS (only in Portuguese) - <p>A equipa do economista Pedro Pita Barros selecionou e analisou 202 propostas de oito documentos estruturantes para a Saúde desde 1995 para verificar que parcela foi executada e o que &quot;ficou na...</p>
News . 14 May 2020 Survey Nova SBE/VISÃO: After the virus, what is to come?

Sara Almeida and Eduardo Costa present more conclusions on what is to come after the first month with the new Corona viurs.

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