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Hit where it hurts - <p>On the 25th October, the Nova Health Economics and&nbsp;Management Knowledge Center had the<br /> privilege to welcome Professor Judit Vall Castello from Universitat de Barcelona School of<br /> Economics.</p>
16th Portuguese National Conference on Health Economics (CNES 16) - <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The 16th edition of the largest Portuguese conference on health economics took place last week, between 16 and 18 of October. This year, the conference was organized by 5 members of...</p>
The base for the value of health - <p>João Marques-Gomes gave an interview to Jornal de Negócios to talk about his signature theme: &ldquo;Value-Based Health Care&rdquo;.</p>
NHEM research chasing the decision makers - <p>Joana Pestana promotes primary health care research at ACSS</p>
Our research is like sugar to the public - <p>&quot;Portuguese people are consuming less sugar, but they still buy a lot of sodas&quot;, this in an article in the Portuguese newspaper, Público, by Patricia Carvalho, commenting on the conclusion...</p>
License to Kill - <p>NHEM members and their papers have license to kill, but what about physicians and nurses? Want to know more? Ask Eduardo Costa.</p>
First meeting after vacations with a special guest from far away - <p>Mohammad Hossein Reihani, Ph.D.&nbsp; in Ivey, Canada, was invited to present his work in the first NHEM meeting after vacations.</p>
NHEM in the Euhea Early Career Workshop - <p>Another wave of NHEM members strikes in Poto, in the early career workshop of EuHEA.</p>
Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good? - <p>Judite Gonçalves and João Pereira dos Santos study the impact of the so called sugar tax on the prices and quantities of the beverages affected by this policy.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
360 (Portuguese only) - <p><a href="http://www.pt.cision.com/cp2013/ClippingDetails.aspx?id=141fb69c-1085-4071-a1d6-ecf8d50efd4d&amp;userId=fa240c38-8a4a-441e-8ccf-c08447362b32&amp;userid=fa240c38-8a4a-441e-8ccf-c08447362b32">http://www.pt.cision.com/cp2013/ClippingDetails.aspx?id=141fb69c-1085-4071-a1d6-ecf8d50efd4d&amp;userId=fa240c38-8a4a-441e-8ccf-c08447362b32&amp;userid=fa240c38-8a4a-441e-8ccf-c08447362b32</a>Watch Pedro...</p>
News . 25 October 2019 Hit where it hurts

On the 25th October, the Nova Health Economics and Management Knowledge Center had the
privilege to welcome Professor Judit Vall Castello from Universitat de Barcelona School of

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