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Sharing knowledge, discussing ideas, exchanging best practices in research and supporting the development of junior researchers and doctoral students by exposing them to state of the art research – these are some of the key features of Nova SBE Research Seminars.

Organized under four different series – Economics, Finance, Management and Novafrica – the seminars bring international researchers to our school, working on a variety of themes.

Research Seminar with Leonid Kogan - <p>Leonid Kogan (MIT) will present his paper. Join in.</p>
Research Seminar Murillo Campello - <p>Murillo Campello (Cornell University) will present his paper&nbsp;<em>Bankruptcy and the Cost of Organized Labor: Evidence from Union Elections</em>. Join in.</p>
Research Seminar with Rossen Valkanov - <p>Rossen Valkanov (UCSD) will present his paper. Join in.&nbsp;</p>
Research Seminar with Victoria Ivashina - <p>Victoria Ivashina (Harvard) will present her paper&nbsp;<em>Monetary Policy and Global Banking</em>. Join in.</p>
Research Seminar with Stefano Giglio - <p>Stefano Giglio (Chicago Booth) will present his paper<a href=""><em>&nbsp;Excess Volatility: Beyond Discount Rates</em></a>. Join in.</p>
Research Seminar with Filippo Ippolito - <p>Filippo Ippolito (Pompeu Fabra) will present his paper&nbsp;The effect of <em>Bank Health on the Renegotiation of Credit Line Agreements</em>. Join in.</p>
Research Seminar with Gil Sadka - <p>Gil Sadka (UT Dallas) will present his paper&nbsp;<a href=""><em>Macroeconomic Activity Under Uncertainty: How Firm-Level and Aggregate-Level Uncertainties Interact</em></a>. Join in.</p>
Research Seminar with Benjamin Golez - <p>Benjamin Golez (Notre Dame) will present his paper&nbsp;<a href=""><em>Four centuries of return predictability</em></a>. Join in.</p>
Research Seminar with Simon Johnson - <p>Simon Johnson (MIT) will present his paper&nbsp;<em>Systemic Risk: The Problem and A Potential Solution</em>. Join in.</p>
Research Seminar with Manuel Adelino - <p>Manuel Adelino (Duke University) will present his paper&nbsp;<a href=""><em>Loan Originations and Defaults in the Mortgage Crisis: The Role of the Middle Class</em></a>. Join in.</p>
Finance Seminars
28 Sep '18
Finance Seminars | Friday Research Seminar with Oguzhan Ozbas

Professor Oguzhan Ozbas from University of South California, will present his paper Can Shareholder Proposals Hurt Shareholders? Evidence from SEC No‐Action Letter Decisions. Join in.

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