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Chairs and awards

Prizes, awards and honors are a recognition of the high-quality and impact of our research.

Endowed Chairs at Nova SBE

Novo Banco Chair Professor in Entrepreneurship & Technology
BPI | Fundação “la Caixa” Chair Professor in Responsible Finance
Fundação Amélia de Melo Chair Professor in Leadership
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Chair Professor in Impact Economy
Fundação “la Caixa” Chair Professor in Health Economics

Special recognition

We are proud to work with some of the most well known researchers on a national and international scope.


Pedro Pita Barros has seen his work recognized with the creation of Prémio Pedro Pita Barros. This award is promoted by the Associação Portuguesa de Economia da Saúde (the Portuguese Association of Health Economics) and sponsored by Associação Nacional de Farmácias (the National Association of Pharmacies). It aims to promote research in Health Economics by young researchers who publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The € 3,500 prize will be awarded every two years to the best scientific paper in Health Economics.

Sónia Félix, Ph.D. graduate in Economics|Finance, won the 2018 Simões Lopes Award, promoted by Ordem dos Economistas, in partnership with Diário Económico and PwC, with the dissertation Essays on Labor, Product, and Credit Market Imperfections, supervised by Pedro Portugal. This award recognizes the best doctoral dissertation in Economics and Business Sciences.

Luís Filipe Lages was granted the 2018 American Marketing Association Research in Excellence Award for his article The role of past performance in export ventures: A short-term reactive approach, published in the Journal of International Business Studies (2008).

Antonieta Cunha-e-Sá and Sofia Franco’s paper The Effects of Development Constraints on Forest Management at the Urban-Forest Interface received the 2017 Best Paper Award, by AERNA, the Spanish-Portuguese Association of Natural and Environmental Resource Economics.

Judite Gonçalves and Pedro Pita Barros’ paper Inequalities in healthy and active aging across European countries, received the “Highly Commended Paper” Award at the Second International Seminar on the Active Aging Index (2018 September 27-28), granted by the European Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, and the Oxford Institute of Population Aging, in Bilbao.

Miguel Pina e Cunha was awarded a Best Paper Award, by Emerald publisher, at the 16th Conference of ISSWOV (International Society for the Study of Work & Organizational Values), on 2018 July 1-4. This award distinguishes his co-authored paper Do gritty leaders foster employee capital? It depends on how humble they are (with Arménio Rego, Camilo Valverde, Rui Lourenço-Gil, Andreia Vitória, Ana Ventura, and Susana Leal).

Melissa Prado and Rafael Zambrana's paper Competition and Cooperation in Mutual Fund Families (with Richard B. Evans), won the SFA (Southern Finance Association) Best Empirical Paper Award.

Fahiz Baba Yara (Ph.D. candidate in Economics|Finance) was awarded the 2018 Invesco Quantitative Strategies Best Paper, at the Frontiers of Factor Investing Conference.

Pedro Neves, in collaboration with Raffaela Gozzelino (NOVA Medical School, Faculdade de Ciências Médicas), and Ana Margarida Grenho Ferreira (NOVA School of Sciences and Humanities), won the 11th edition of the Collaborative Research Award Santander Totta/Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2018) for the project Stress-induced neuroinflammation: mechanisms and implications for decision-making and performance.

Maria Eugénia Mata was selected to be one of the three women economists, among the 137 Portuguese women scientists, across all scientific areas and in different career stages, represented in the Women in Science initiative. The 137 stories of successful careers in science were told through researchers’ photos and biographical quotes in the Women and Science exhibition and book. These first-person testimonies showed how women have contributed to the development of science in Portugal and aimed to inspire future generations of girls and young women to pursue their vocation. This tribute to Portuguese women scientists, who constitute 45 % of the Portuguese researchers’ community, was organized by Ciência Viva, the Portuguese agency for the promotion of public awareness of Science and Technology.