Pedro Pita Barros
Pedro Pita Barros

Professor of Economics at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Positions currently held, among others: member, by Government appointment, of the Portuguese National Ethics Council for the Life Sciences (2016- ), member of the EC Expert Panel on Effective ways of Investing in Health (2017-2020), research fellow of CEPR (London), and member of the board of Instituto de Políticas Públicas – Thomas Jefferson – Correia da Serra (2014-). Further information available at

1997              Agregação, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

1993              Doutoramento em Economia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

                           Tese: Ensaios em Economia Industrial

1992              Mestrado em Economia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

1988              Licenciatura em Economia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Health economics, economic regulation and competition policy