Judite Gonçalves (researcher)
Judite Gonçalves (researcher)

Judite Gonçalves is currently a researcher at Nova School of Business and Economics. She is also an affiliated researcher at Queen Mary University of London. Previously she worked as a research assistant at the University of Geneva, where she obtained her PhD in 2015. Her research and teaching interests are in the fields of Health economics, Labor economics, Policy evaluation, Economics of aging, Econometrics, and Statistics. 


2015 - PhD in Econometrics - University of Geneva, Switzerland

2011 - Master in Economics, Major in Economic Policy - University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

2010 - Bachelor in Economics - Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal

Aging populations: measuring healthy and active aging, policies to promote healthy and active aging, inequalities in healthy and active aging, inequalities in subjective wellbeing among older adults

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