Study "Surviving the Perfect Storm: Exports, Budgetary Austerity and Business Heterogeneity" - <p>Study by Manuel Adelino, from Duke University, <strong>Paulo Fagandini</strong>, <strong><a href="">Miguel A. Ferreira</a></strong> and <strong><a href="">Francisco Queiró</a></strong>, from&nbsp;<strong>Nova SBE</strong>, says that suppliers from the state did the &quot;miracle of...</p>
Chair BPI | “la Caixa” Foundation in Health Economics - <p><strong>The Chair BPI | &ldquo;La Caixa&rdquo; Foundation in Health Economics</strong> was awarded to&nbsp;<strong>Pedro Pita Barros</strong>&nbsp;</p>
Nova SBE organizes a summer school in Peru - <p>The Faculty of Economics and Finance, Department of Economics, Master Program in Economics and Research Vice-presidency at <a href="">Universidad del Pacífico in Lima</a>, Peru in collaboration with at <strong>Nova SBE...</strong></p>
"We are in the Stone Age of the Digital Revolution" - <p><strong><a href="">Joana Gonçalves de Sá</a></strong> in&nbsp;<em>SIC</em>&#39;s&nbsp;<em><a href="">Admirável Mundo Novo</a>&nbsp;</em>, spoked&nbsp;about her research work&nbsp;​and how fake&nbsp;news continues to be present in our daily lives</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
VCW awarded EUR 550,000 for the European Horizon 2020 Project NextLand - <p><a href="">Luis Lages</a> was awarded EUR 550,000 for the participation of the <a href=""><b>VCW Lab</b></a> in the European Horizon 2020 Project NextLand, which aims to develop activities and services in agriculture and forests,...</p>
Nova SBE secured four grants in the FCT Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus 2018 - <p><b>Nova SBE</b>&nbsp;secured four grants in the FCT Individual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus 2018, corresponding to a success rate of 29%</p>
90 Seconds of Science with Professor Antonieta Cunha e Sá - <p>Professor Antonieta Cunha e Sá addresses the impact that land conversion at the border of urban and non-urban areas, for development or for agriculture, can have on the environment and the ecology of...</p>
90 seconds of science with Professor José Tavares - <p>A study reveals that implementing a gender quota in a democratic political system is only effective if it is high enough to convince the best qualified women to compete. A share of less than 25% may...</p>
90 seconds of science with Luís Catela Nunes - <p>Luís Catela Nunes is a professor at Nova SBE and investigates the impact of school retentions on a student&#39;s academic life.</p>
90 seconds of science with Miguel Ferreira - ...
Science Outreach . 08 July 2020 Nova SBE Professor's article cited on Financial Times

Pedro Brinca, João Duarte and Miguel Faria-e-Castro’s article was cited on the Financial Times.

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