PhD thesis defense
Prizes and Awards | 02 August 2020 PhD thesis defense

Congratulations to Florence Pinto Basto, Aires Afonso Mbanze, Luís Coelho Filipe, Jacob Lawrence Macdonald, Paulo Guilherme and Muriel Halpern Pereira for their successful PhD thesis defense.

  • Ana Garcia-Hernandez, Essays in Development Economics and Gender. Advisor: Alexander Coutts. Unanimously approved with distinction and praise;
  • Florence Pinto Basto, Three essays on banks’ operational risk disclosures in the European Union: The role of informal institutions, and the association with performance . Advisors: Ana Marques (Norwich Business School) and Irem Demirci (Nova SBE). Approved with distinction and praise by majority;
  • Aires Afonso Mbanze, Conservation by Local People in the Niassa National Reserve: Money or In-kind Payments to Adopt Conservation-friendly Practices. Advisor: José Lima e Santos (Instituto Superior de Agronomia), Co-Advisors:  Natasha Ribeiro (Faculdade de Agronomia e Engenharia Florestal de Maputo) and Carina Vieira da Silva (Nova SBE). Approved with distinction and praise;
  • Luis Coelho Filipe, A tour of health care: emergency room, hospital and home. Advisor: Pedro Pita Barros. Unanimously approved with distinction and praise;
  • Jacob Lawrence Macdonald, everaging Geospatial Statistics for Measuring and Valuing the Urban Environment . Advisor: Sofia Franco. Approved with distinction and praise;
  • Paulo Guilherme, Technology Transfer in Rice Crop in Mozambique: From Research to Farmers. Advisor: Fernando Brito Soares. Approved with distinction;
  • Muriel Halpern Pereira Faden da Silva, Navigating tensions in the context of enduring complexity. Advisor:  Miguel Pina e Cunha.


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