Study analyses the challenges of family-work conciliation
Science Outreach | 05 March 2020 Study analyses the challenges of family-work conciliation

The study analyzed the challenges of family-work conciliation, concluding that in Portugal the fear of losing their job or of being harmed in their career kept professionals from resorting to the conciliation mechanisms provided by law. The problem, admits Miguel Pina e Cunha, “is real and is in the leaders. Teleworking is directed towards knowledge workers, who continue to be managed, as if they were workers on production lines, by bosses who believe that to be productive it is necessary to be the first to arrive and the last to leave”. Therefore, for the professor it is obvious that, in a society that continues to privilege the amount of hours spent in the office, “teleworking, which is a good tool, is being stopped by managers who have not learned to manage dispersed teams” , since who is not is as if it did not exist.

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