Ana Fontoura Gouveia
Ana Fontoura Gouveia
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

Ana Fontoura Gouveia is an Assistant Professor (Adjunct) at Nova SBE, where she teaches Public Finance. She is also an Economist at the Economics and Research Department at Banco de Portugal. Ana has worked for the Portuguese Ministry of Finance (2016-2017), the Ministry for the Economy (2015), the European Central Bank (2009-2014) and Banco de Portugal (2004-2008), being a member of different EU and OECD fora. She holds a PhD in Economics from Nova SBE, with a dissertation on political economy and she was also a visiting PhD student at Toulouse School of Economics and University of Liège.

PhD in Economics - Nova SBE

Public policy, public economics, political economy, productivity, structural reforms

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