Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos
Assistant Professor
Data Science Knowledge Center

CarlosDaniel Santos is an Assistant Professor at Nova SBE and co-director of the DataScience Knowledge Center. His main interests are in marketing and industrialorganization. Current projects include an examination of the role of customerbehavior and its impact on firms’ strategies. He holds a PhD from LSE and haspreviously been an Assistant Professor at the University of Alicante, TilburgUniversity, and a Faculty Fellow at MIT. His work received several awards:including the EARIE Young Economist Essay Award and the ZEW Heinz Konig YoungScholar Award. He currently teaches Marketing Analytics (Msc.), Methods forApplied Business (Msc.), Big Data Analysis (Msc.), and Econometrics (Ph.D.).

Ph.D. in Economics;LSE

MSc. In Economics; LSE

BSc. inEconomics; ISEG-UTL

Marketing. The role of customer markets on firm strategies, including pricing, investment, innovation and product development.

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