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The Experience Hub is the creative playground of the Center for Digital Business and Technology at Nova SBE. With a strong focus on emerging technologies and experimentation, this is a welcoming meeting point between business, technology and design. From our location at one of the leading business schools in Europe, we combine our deep expertise in design and prototyping with skills in technology management, organizational change, leadership, and strategic planning.


Seminars, product demos and workshops, pitches and open debates with students, researchers, entrepreneurs, executives, etc.


Workshops for companies and organizations, mixing innovation processes with technology tutorials to tackle big challenges and prototype solutions.


Immersion sessions to experience and explore different technologies hands-on, understanding and exploring the new possibilities.


3D printing and fabrication
Artificial intelligence
Drones, Robotics and Automation
Autonomous vehicles
Low-code programming
Digital productivity
Voice-activated interfaces


Critical Futures is a unique initiative of the CDBT that explores the future of science, technology and innovation, dedicated to inquiry, dialogue, and education on the ethical and humane dimensions of technology. Join us on a trip to the future, where we experience how technology could evolve to enhance our bodies and minds, explore what role it might play in our social and family lives, and discuss how it could be used to manage complex social and economic systems.

The digital leadership course is part of Nova SBE’s executive education programs, custom-made for managers from any sector who want to acquire an overall, but deep understanding of the digital reality and the necessary process of change for their company. From the management of customers and their personal data (which requires increasingly sophisticated information systems), to the company's own resource management, digitization needs to be more than an isolated and independent area in certain business units or projects – it has to be an integral part of the company's strategy. With strong implications in practically all management disciplines, this program will challenge some traditional concepts of how successful companies have been managed. It will inspire and motivate managers and directors through a structured and experimental approach, mixing methodology and case studies, besides inviting experts for first-hand insights.


One-day intensive hands-on course on the fundamentals of different technologies (one day, one technology): blockchain, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, UX design, digital marketing, learn how to code, low-code programming, chatbots, autonomous driving, robotics or 3D printing.

MSc Student course

MSc Student Course