Reinventing the future: Labour Relations for the next 50 years - <p>Have you imagined how your work is going to be your work in 50 years? Companies, workers, governments, and academia will share their perspectives, challenges, solutions, and fears about the future of...</p>
Data Science in Football" - a talk with Sport Lisboa e Benfica Head of Data Science, Sudarshan "Suds" Gopaladesikan - <p>Through the lens of the football industry, we&rsquo;ll look at many examples of how various data science techniques has helped SL Benfica refine their business methodology.</p> <p>Having the skills of a...</p>
The Data Journals by Le Wagon - <p>The Data Journals&nbsp;is an exciting journey into the life of Data Science professionals. Expect to join a unique experience with&nbsp;testimonials,&nbsp;projects&nbsp;and the best insights&nbsp;from...</p>
Le Wagon's Data Impact School - <h5>Sustainability and change in&nbsp;Data Science</h5> <p>We believe that&nbsp;data&nbsp;can create a&nbsp;positive impact in communities. For&nbsp;this reason, Le Wagon Lisbon and Nova SBE created a special...</p>
Curiosity Data Science Iberian Awards - <p>On July 8 at 10AM, this year&#39;s Curiosity Data Science Award Ceremony&nbsp;will take place in Spain in a blended format.</p> <p>This award will recognize projects carried out in 2020 in Iberia, and is...</p>
Mapie - Launching Ceremony - <p>No dia 23 de julho de 2021 conheça a nova cara do Mapie.&nbsp;</p> <p>Assista à cerimónia de apresentação às 10h30 na Escola Secundária Eng.&ordm; Acácio Calazans Duarte com intervenções&nbsp;de Jorge...</p>