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Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab


We organise training such as workshops, immersions, tutorials, and crash courses. We lecture on business model innovation, product design and development, and design and technology management. We also give talks on topics as diverse as digital transformation, foresight, emerging technologies, science fiction, and arts & technologies. 

What we do

For one academic year, Pulse, the Nova SBE Campus Tech Festival, is taking over the campus, enjoying critical acclaim as Carcavelos’ first festival of education, experimentation and technology. We work together with students, staff, faculty, community groups and partners to deliver a series of events at the Carcavelos Campus. The festival is designed to experiment with ideas around a technologically-enabled future of the Carcavelos Campus, and to help to build a culture of permission and risk taking.

Headlining the festival is a year-long student competition that aims to encourage participants to present technological solutions as well as solutions to tech related challenges to improve the quality of life on campus. The objective is to empower curious minds to imagine new possibilities for the campus of tomorrow by using state-of-the-art tools and methods, paired with creativity and critical thinking.

The initiative will have technical support from Taikai Network for publishing and voting on ideas and final outcomes, and is supported by Brightpixel, Outsystems, Schreder-Hyperion and Sonae.

The digital leadership course is part of Nova SBE’s executive education programs, custom-made for managers from any sector who want to acquire an overall, but deep understanding of the digital reality and the necessary process of change for their company. From the management of customers and their personal data (which requires increasingly sophisticated information systems), to the company's own resource management, digitization needs to be more than an isolated and independent area in certain business units or projects – it has to be an integral part of the company's strategy. With strong implications in practically all management disciplines, this program will challenge some traditional concepts of how successful companies have been managed. It will inspire and motivate managers and directors through a structured and experimental approach, mixing methodology and case studies, besides inviting experts for first-hand insights.

One-day intensive hands-on course on the fundamentals of different technologies (one day, one technology) and digital transformation skills training: blockchain, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, UX design, digital marketing, learn how to code, low-code programming, chatbots, autonomous driving, robotics or 3D printing, Lego Serious Play Workshops, Prototyping, Design Thinking, Scenario Planning and Foresight, digtial productivity

All courses are also available as advanced courses.

As part of the Master's Program.

As part of the Master's Program.

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