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Nova SBE Behavioral Lab


Students enrolled in the following courses are eligible to participate in research in our lab on a voluntary basis. You will receive information in class and on Moodle from your class instructors.

Your participation is incredibly valuable. Thanks to participants like you, we can develop groundbreaking new insights in management and economics — THANK YOU! We hope you learn something interesting through your participation.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us.

Be a part of our Research

Are you enrolled in one of these courses?

If so, you are entitled to participate in Nova SBE Behavioral Lab research! Keep an eye on the Moodle page of your course(s) for instructions on how to participate.

Semester 1 (T1 & T2)

  • Advanced Behavioral Economics (T2) with Alexander Coutts
  • Advanced Marketing (S1) with Pedro Gardete 
  • Advanced Marketing (S1) with Sofia Kousi
  • Behavioral Economics and Finance (T1) with Alexander Coutts
  • BSc-Marketing (S1) with Antonio Marinho Torres
  • Brand Management for Hospitality (T2) with Sofia Kousi
  • Consumer Behavior (T2) with Luis Martinez
  • Consumer and Managerial Decision making (T2) with Luis Martinez
  • Evidence-based practices for well-being (S1) with Samantha Sim & Sofia Kousi
  • Human Resources Management (T1) with Samantha Sim
  • Human Resources Management (T2) with Samantha Sim
  • Leadership and Change Management (T1) with Filipa Castanheira
  • Organizational Behavior (S1) with Anibal Lopez