Nova SBE Alumni Club


The Alumni Club initiatives only are possible due to our Ambassadors' network. Ambassadors are volunteers who are dedicated and passionate about the school, willing to engage with the Alumni Club's activities and strengthen the connection of the school and alumni.

Afonso Varatojo Januário
MSc Finance '07
Ana Cláudia Oliveira
BSc Economics '08
Ana Pimenta
MSc Economics '07
Ana Teresa Miranda
BSc Economics '07
André Sendin
BSc Economics '87
António Trinca
BSc Economics '93
Bruno Amaral
BSc Economics '94
Carlos Moura Teixeira
BSc Economics '13
Carlos Neto
BSc Economics '07
Carolina Corvo Carvalheira
BSc Economics '14
Catarina Figueiredo
Denis Muratcehajic
MSc Management '13
Diana Basilio
MSc Finance '12
Diogo Barbosa e Mateus
BSc Economics '09
Diogo Matos Mendes
MSc Economics '13
Diogo Sassetti
MSc Finance '13
Fernão Cabral
BSc Management '00
Francisco Abreu
MSc Economics '12
Guilherme Fernandes
BSc Economics '12
Hugo Vilares
BSc Economics '08
Isabel Duarte Lima
BSc Economics '92
João Brites
MSc Economics '12
João Brito
BSc Economics '91
João Coimbra Trigo
BSc Economics '10
João Forjaz Trigueiros
MSc Finance '10
João Miguel Bragança
MSc Finance '11
João Monteiro
BSc Economics '88
Joaquim Barbosa
BSc Economics '96
Jorge Teixeira
BSc Economics '92
Manuel Saramago
MSc Management '09
Marcos de Castro Osório
BSc Management '07
Margarida Novais
BSc Management '05
Mariana Coelho
MSc Finance '13
Mário Oliveira
BSc Management '02
Miguel Faria e Castro
BSc Economics '06
Pedro Costa
BSc Management '06
Pedro Ortigão Correia
BSc Economics '93
Ricardo Lavos
BSc Economics '94
Rita Mendia
BSc Management '95
Rita Pereira
BSc Economics '14
Rui Fernandes
BSc Management '08
Rui Francisco
BSc Management '02
Rute Valente
MSc Managament '13
Sandro Cardoso
BSc Management '98
Stephan Frederik Jensen
MSc Management '14
Tiago Lourenço
BSc Economics '06
Tomás Ambrósio
BSc Economics '14
Tomás Portas
BSc Management '14
Vanda Cunha Pereira
BSc Economics '86