Social Equity Initiative

The program

The program is divided into 2 different stages: the initial diagnosis, during 1 semester for which 10 organizations are pre-selected, followed by the experience and consolidation stages, during 5 semesters in total only for the organizations selected from the diagnosis.

In the first stage of the program, participants benefit from a full diagnosis of their organization and receive a customized plan for the following five semesters and define annual KPIs.

(1) for the pre-selected ten organizations.

Semester 1: Situational View


  • Kick-off session & ten organization pitches
  • Hybridity and end game


Additional activities alongside our community

  • Management Diagnosis (in eight areas of expertise) with the Nova SBE student club Nova Junior Consulting
  • Legal, accounting & tax diagnosis with the support of two of the school's partners: Vieira de Almeida (VdA) and PWC
  • Two and a half year plan
  • Yearly KPIs
  • Deconstruction session

During the experience stage of the program, participants have the opportunity to expand and specify their perspective and skills to better address pressing issues in their organization, in addition to have access to various activities offered by Nova SBE community that promote knowledge transfer and space for reflection:

  • Strengthen teamwork and cooperation within your organization;
  • Take time to integrate and apply your learnings during all 5 semesters;
  • Reflect on how to assure your organization's impact and sustainability in the future;
  • Develop a pitch to selected investors from our community.

(2) only for the selected organizations out of the initial 10 after diagnose phase

Semester 2 to 6: Transformation


  • Strategic Alignment
  • Systemic Change
  • Positive and Responsible Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Learning
  • Revenue Streams Innovation
  • Impact Measurement
  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Social Marketing
  • Preparing a pitch for the community – self-diagnosis & future
  • Social Impact Investing

Additional activities with our community

Students Talent

  • Master Thesis
  • Student Clubs Projects
  • Volunteering / Pro bono internships
  • CEMS Business Projects

Faculty & Staff Expertise

  • Master Courses
  • Executive Programs
  • Talks & Seminars
  • Other Workshops

Mentors & Coaches Experience | Alumni Talent | Partners Expertise | Investors & Donors Financial Support

  • Diagnosis
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Team buildings
  • Webinars
  • Final pitches
  • Other support to the organizations


people involved in the Program (Feb 2019 – May 2020)
people involved in the Program (Feb 2019 – May 2020)
people attending Master’s Courses and Executive Education programs
people attending Master’s Courses and Executive Education programs
consulting projects, among Master’s Thesis, CEMS Business Projects and Student Clubs
consulting projects, among Master’s Thesis, CEMS Business Projects and Student Clubs
people in the Coaching and Mentoring programs
people in the Coaching and Mentoring programs
Workshops realized by Faculty from Nova SBE
Workshops realized by Faculty from Nova SBE

Research & Replication

We believe in the value and potential of a close relationship between business schools and the third sector, contributing not only to the capacitation of the social organizations in management competencies but also to the generation of more research opportunities about hybrid organizations and the social sector.

One of the goals of the Social Leapfrog program is the bidirectional knowledge transfer. As such, we hope not only to capitalize on the resources and knowledge of Nova’s community to capacitate the participant social organizations, but also to learn with the reality and specificities of these hybrid organizations, which combine the business and social dimensions, and give rise to new research opportunities within the school.

Additionally, the whole program being realized in constant interaction, reflection, and co-creation with Nova SBE’s community (students, Alumni, faculty, staff, and partners) contributes to its growth and makes it a very enriching experience for all stakeholders.

This said, since the beginning of the program, the entire project and process have been documented, and all templates used in each stage have been archived, facilitating its availability on the program’s website in order to be replicable in other geographies, adapting to its reality.

"Social Leapfrog was an amazing experience. It allowed me to work with real-life projects and to develop my skills as a consultant. However, the most enriching part was to work with people who have a purpose, vision, and are willing to take risks in order to improve our reality. It was really interesting to discover their path, struggles, and goals. Social Leapfrog Program is the perfect bridge between the Nova community and social entrepreneurs."

Mara Martins, Nova Junior Consulting

"Being able to participate in the Social Leapfrog Project as an NJC consultant was a remarkable experience. Taking on a project involving such unique organizations led me to face inimitable circumstances while allowing me to meet amazing people with a tireless drive to help others. Each and every social organization we had the pleasure to work with battled to fulfill their purpose, and it was an honor to help them improve their performance and results, and as a consequence, improve other people’s lives."

Nuno Rodrigues, Nova Junior Consulting

“(…) when the time came to decide the topic of my thesis, I decided to join the Social Leapfrog Program, a program that contributes to the development of social organizations in Portugal. In my case, I opted for the Alzheimer’s Association of Portugal, an organization that is committed to helping people with dementia and its caregivers. (…) It has been a challenging but rewarding journey exploring these different realities and seek creative solutions, adapting business tools to the social sector, and above all, having the opportunity to develop research that has a true impact!”

Vera Filipe, Master Thesis Student