Inclusive Community Forum


The New Way of Community Involvement

Community involvement is vital for the sustainable transformation of any context. For this reason, the ICF created the Inclusion LABs.

These LABs consist of working sessions for the co-creation and implementation of solutions to strengthen the skills of people with disabilities for working life. For these sessions, the ICF invited a set of 41 participants, from very diverse contexts and areas of professional and personal experience, who bring the necessary complementarity and cooperation to the implementation of Systemic Change.

As the work on this theme evolves, the participants focus on co-creating and implementing solutions that will enhance the empowerment of people with disabilities for working life. According to their power of intervention in the different aspects identified in the diagnosis, the participants are divided into seven different groups, always working in collaboration to achieve the common goal of this theme.

These sessions began in February and will end in December 2020, when the initiatives already tested in the field will gain their autonomy and become sustainable. From that moment on, the Inclusion LAB groups follow their path autonomously, counting on the ICF's support for a certain period (the so-called "follow-up to the Education theme").

Lamps Illustration with two light bulbs side by side. One is turned on and in motion, giving the impression that it will touch the second one, which is turned off and idle. It refers to the disruptive and contagious power that a person can have.

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